Oct 27, 2015


People love to vent. To let it all out.
And when they get an audience to their release, it gives them a high which no drug, chocolate or running can give.This is pretty evident in the overtly cynical or aggressive Facebook and Twitter posts. The whole business of psychiatry and counselling thrives on this innate human need.

Homoeopathy too.

I have always wondered, what attracts so many people to Homoeopathy. Not to offend people who practice Homoeopathy or have been the beneficiaries of "miracle" cures, but  I think it is one big scam. People who go for Homoeopathic treatment are either ignorant or desperate ( agreed even I have been desperate once. Only once though).It's like ghosts -no one in this world can convince me of Homoeopathy's magical abilities until I see them myself.
I have always wondered, what attracts so many people to Homoeopathy. That is until now. It is obviously the psychology session before the actual "treatment".That is when people get a chance to vent. That there is no shame or stigma attached to Homoeopathy is an added bonus.
"Hey, I am going to a Psychologist. I'm feeling depressed. Need to vent." 
" Fuck. You are a sad, crazy person."
"Hey, I am going to a Homoeopathic clinic. Need to vent . Also need to to show my foot for a fungal infection."
" Hey, good luck buddy."
When the inventor of Homoeopathy realized that the lure of sugar coated candies and alcohol may just not be enough, he introduced the venting sessions. And then people went all ga-ga.

FML is an altogether different level of venting. Nothing cheers me up more than other people's sadness. No, no, I don't mean it in a sadistic way - it's just when you are having a bad day, nothing can bring you back on your feet faster than to learn about people who are having days which are far, far worse. For those who don't know, FML ( Fuck My Life) is a  very popular App/Website. Currently, it resides in my "Entertainment" folder on my homescreen along with Youtube,9Gag and IMDB. Anyway, in FML, people vent about their fucked up experiences. And other people vote on whose life sucks the hardest. "Today I got fired , my wife left me and my house caught fire"   - but I've got 57000 votes. FTW.


Tanvi said...

Check out this Mitchell and Webb take on Homeopathy. Kind of sums up the whole thing :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMGIbOGu8q0

Manan said...

This was perfect :D

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