Jul 25, 2015


In this era of easy audience and all time low benchmarks of brilliance and "awesomeness" it's very easy to overlook few things which are truly brilliant and truly awesome.
I've been a fan of "Ok Go" for  7-8 years. They are a band from Chicago. While their music is catchy, it's not necessarily amazing. It's the videos where their genius really comes out. They have really mastered the art of video making.
Mind you , there are no computer graphics here, just unbelievable planning and unbelievable creativity. And when you come to know that almost all their videos are continuous single shot videos, it just beggars belief.

So here we go (one of  the best possible ways to spend half an hour of your life):

Here It Goes Again :  This is what made them overnight superstars  ( One shot video)

Do What You Want : Probably their most catchy song

I Won't Let You Down : This is just surreal ( Again a single shot video !)

This Too Shall Pass : My favourite OK Go song and one of the best videos I have ever seen. I can just keep playing this on loop the whole day ( Remember, one shot video - woof!)

Needing/Getting : Things just keep getting ridiculous

The Writing's On the Wall : And still there's no end to the brilliance

It depresses me when I see that This Too Shall Pass has around 50 million youtube views and every second Katy Perry's song has more than a billion views. But then I play the video again, and the depression goes away.

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