Jan 1, 2015


So, these are my new year resolutions:

1) Watch more TV ( yes that's right)
because too much control of internet sometimes becomes boring ( catching Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels on TV still feels like an achievement even though I have it on my hard drive)

because TV lets me watch certain stuff which my ego will prevent me from ever watching on Youtube , but which I enjoy once in a while( say like Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back or Katy Perry's Firework)

because TV is still a brilliant discovery platform ( how else would I come to know about "Impractical Jokers" which is clearly my favourite TV show right now. I dare you to not laugh while watching it.)

because TV has a bigger screen.

2) Do two trips - one totally impromptu and one carefully planned

because all my current trips fall somewhere in between ( with a 10-30 day planning time) which makes me spend a bomb anyway without giving any kick of an unplanned trip

3) Donate to a charity if Federer wins a slam

because I am shallow like that

4) Practise sub-conscious/day dream driving

because those days when I leave home in my car and realize abruptly after 25 minutes that I am halfway to office ( without actually remembering any part of actual driving) are the most wonderful and stress-free

5) Sell the guitar on Quikr

because that bastard stands in front of me and mocks me on a daily basis

6) Experiment more with /take more interest in food

because I have been living in Mumbai for 7 years but I ate Thalipeeth for the first time only a few days back

because I ate a complete fish dish(Smoked Green Basa) by myself for the first time ever; again  few days back

because I loved the Thalipeeth and the fish

7) Be less judgmental about the posts on Facebook timeline

because it makes it so less fun and so much more annoying

because otherwise having a facebook account does not make sense

8) Read more science, do more maths

because it gives a nice feeling of not dumbing down ( false it may be)

9) Discover 2 great authors and 3 great bands

because it is an amazing feeling

10) Watch a John Abraham movie

because by being in touch with the nadir of human talent helps you feel great about yourself

11) Move more

because none of my other resolutions are actually encouraging me to move more

12) Do something illegal ( yeah a bit more than jumping signals)

because this post was not sounding edgy enough

13) Time Travel

because it's high time

1 comment:

Gaurav said...

You are back! Haven't lost your touch :)

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