May 26, 2011

Haiku:Part 2

Obama killed
Osama thrilled
We don't care

Things to do before thirty
Half to remain unchecked
Things to do before forty

they play
I lose sleep

Tata speaks..
Indians work hard
Don't work at Tatas

Platinum Credit Card
Medi-claim Policy
Do Not Disturb

His, yours, mine
Job hunt
our favourite pastime

Facebook for losers
Twitter for poseurs
Hey, add me

Earthquake in Japan
Scam in India
Good Morning

Communists down in Bengal
Socialists down in Spain
Time for siesta

Volcano in Iceland
What a pretty sight
from the airport

Higher education
addition, subtraction and presentation
90% of jobs

Shane Warne
Pink Balls
Gentleman's game

24 hour news channels
with 24 minutes
of news


Rajesh said...


link to part 1 pls.

Gaurav said...

I see what you did there in the first one :)
And that 90% of jobs one is a classic!

Manan said...

Here's the link to the first one Rajesh:

Thanks Gaurav!

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