Dec 3, 2010


NASA found bacteria whose DNA is made up of Arsenic instead of normal earth stuff. And they are shitting their pants in disbelief and amazement. It's understandable to be thrilled to have found a new "alien" life form, but what they say is this : "The implications of this discovery are enormous to our understanding of life itself and the possibility of finding beings in other planets that don’t have to be like planet Earth"

I mean is it only me or some of you have also thought (since you were born) that looking for water/oxygen may not be the best strategy to find aliens. Why the fuck do aliens have to be like us. In fact on this very blog I wrote in a post dated July 10, 2007 :

"They fools ( read NASA scientists) look for drops of water in search of life.. Look at me, I am an extraterrestrial...I eat uranium and I DON'T breathe."

Now I understand why this blog is so highly rated. It's because I inadvertently make such path-breaking statements even in random, seemingly frivolous posts.
Am I a genius, or NASA needs to recruit people who are not dumb?


Vimal said...

Good one :)
BTW, I donno abt NASA's recruitment policies but this blog is pure genius :D

Shreyan said...

huh! planning a career shift from sports to Astro physics now ??

Anonymous said...

Digressing a little....

Imagine your alien shitting out Corium... and farting Radioactive Iodine :)

Man.. is your imagination wild :D

Zork... did you fart again.. yeah right.. and how do you explain the mushroom cloud?


abhi said...

How else do you propose NASA search for extra-terrestrial life then ? Probably use a blow horn "ATTENTION ATTENTION All Extra Terrestrial Life forms irrespective of Eating/Drinking habits to report immediately"
But then again those aliens might be hearing impaired.

Ankita Gupta said...

Good! But maybe they are looking for air/water extra because these noobs want to destroy other planets like Earth? Thought about that eh? :P

Guess won't hurt to have these daft scientists abducted by those aliens!

Manan said...

@Vimal Thanks :)
@Shreyan If only!
@Rahul :D Douglas Adams could have made an overrated full length novel out of it.
@abhi i won't rule out blow horns. They did send musical signals.
@Ankita oh come on, then how will we get interesting news to read

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