Jul 20, 2010


Oh, I am getting sucked into this. Blame it on internet. I have no personal vendetta against Christopher Nolan and I loved Inception . But what's with all this reverence and all this "most intelligent thing" to come out since String theory bullshit. Get a grip people.
Ok, let's start from the basics ( no I am not discussing the movie plot here, I mean THE basics) - A problem is "interesting" in one of these 2 conditions: 1) Problem itself is very complex and difficult to solve 2) Problem is not that difficult but the solution seems obvious only when you have seen it. Have you ever tried working on an Excel file made by someone else - specially someone smart ass. Let's say he is trying to solve a simple problem : What is 2+3? But he changes his problem to: What is (10/2 -1 )/2 + 2^3 -5 and he is extremely fond of cell references - he keeps the 10 in sheet no. 5 , he keeps the 5 in sheet no. 27 and so on. Boy, wouldn't you have hard time trying to decipher the problem/solution and who would blame you if you thought that the guy has made an amazing excel model. David Lynch is that smart ass - if you have ever watched Mulholland Drive or Lost Highway you would know what I am talking about. Great entertainment- Yes , but super smart- No.
Not that Nolan tried to emulate Lynch . The underlying problem in his movie itself was simple enough - in fact too simple for my liking. My complain is that he should have thought more about an "interesting" problem rather than devoting so much time on complex(and sometimes unnecessary) and long drawn solution. And it had flaws.
Talking about smart movies- Memento was smart.Sixth Sense was smart. Even Ocean's 11 was smart- so what if they didn't have Penrose's Staircase and Totems , they had Pinch!
Inception is a straight-forward summer blockbuster with awesome visual effects which amount to a great watch and let's keep it at that. It doesn't require second or third viewing for "in-depth" understanding. I don't think I really missed any point,and even if I did it was not because I was not paying attention or the "model" is ingenious , but just because it is Nolan's Excel file .


Shashi said...

Seriously. Full paisa vasool and all that but why the f*** is everyone going overboard. Aint no 2001 A SpO.

Ankita said...

:) wicked witty neatly nitpicked, Manan.

Manan said...

Thanks Ankita :)

Anonymous said...

good one! Actually if you think about it.. it is the Matrix concept completely.. deliberate thought driven self-projections in a shared virtual environment... it exists independently in the Matrix, you dream it up in Inception.. and it is all 'real time' in the former.. but inherent concept is the same.. why the rave? BS! I'd prefer Toy story 3 any day.. :D

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