May 13, 2010


The trick is to keep your MP3 player switched on when you get off the train.

Footbridge at K.U.R.L.A. station is where humanity descends. But, well, you have your MP3 player. So, you can afford to climb the stairs at your leisurely pace ignoring the pleas from the people behind you when the world around you is rushing as if you are the only one with all the time in the world. And suddenly you see a guy swinging to Head like a hole playing in your earphones.Or he may just be straightening his neck after sustaining an elbow. In such a wonderful, dreamlike setting, strange things are bound to happen.Like day before yesterday, I almost had a crush on this middle aged woman because she was singing The great gig in the sky to me. It took me some time to realize that she was actually shouting at me because I had stepped on her foot. OR probably she was singing The great gig in the sky to me. Sigh, I will never know. Anyway, the point is you will always find a singer to any song playing in your player. Seriously. Mathematically also. Work out the numbers. It may seem improbable after considering various factors like lip movement mapping, mood of the song etc but you are forgetting that you have the power of infinity! I mean as soon as you put infinite number of people in the equation, everything tilts in your favor.

PS1: Final round of matches in La Liga this Sunday. Considering that Barca leads Real by 1 point and faces the relegation battling Valladolid, it looks like a done and dusted deal. But it looked like a done and dusted deal in 2007 too. Oh, I have rarely encountered such nail biting, heartbreaking stuff. And it was going all too well for Barca that day until the last few minutes. In a space of 10-12 seconds Real scored a goal there to level the scoreline 2-2 and Barca conceded a goal here to Espanyol ( who else? god save people who have such neighbors) to level the score 2-2, thereby gifting the league to Real.
Anyway, I won't write more about that stuff 'coz I figured this guy writes much better than me.
So here's what you do: Read THIS , then watch THIS (Hollywood drama and all. Yeah Messi's famous Hand of God replica also here. Btw a caution, don't read too much into the video, it's made by a Real Madrid fan) and then read THIS and consider yourself well prepared for Sunday.

PS2: K.U.R.L.A. : Kick U Right into the Lower Abdomen ( I thought at the starting of the post that I'll come up with a good backronym by the end of the post. Well.

head like a hole
black as your soul
I'd rather die
than give you control

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