Apr 2, 2010


If Bryce Dallas Howard and Rebecca Hall decide not to marry me (due to family pressures, their inability to understand Indian accent, Shiv Sena or any other insecurities they may have) they should marry this guy: This Guy
I'll be happy for them( true love and all).

PS1: I know that I have mentioned Elisha Cuthbert and Jessica Alba before on this very blog (along with pictures and all) but those were more immature infatuations. I have grown older and wiser after that.
PS2: If you haven't seen "The Village", "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona" and "Trainspotting" you won't get the essence of what I am talking about. Also you should kill yourself.
PS3: Yeah yeah, go ahead , go to Google images, Youtube, whatever.


Rica said...

Well r u bisexual now? Whats with the love for McGregor?

Manan said...

WE are not like YOU. Every now and then we do appreciate same gender people also. :P

Richa said...

awww! Don't get all defensive now. It's ok. Appreciate it.

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