Apr 7, 2010

Maradona would have definitely scored

Maradona could have and would have scored that 4th goal yesterday. After all, dribbling past 3 players, shooting the ball , getting it back on rebound from the goalkeeper and again shooting it in the net(from a ridiculous angle) in 88th minute against an Arsenal team which had almost given up is no big deal for "El Diego". He has scored better goals and more important goals in his illustrious career. But Maradona wouldn't have waited for a second after getting the ball on rebound just so he could notice the gap between the legs of Almunia, Maradona wouldn't have waited one second to leave absolutely nothing to chance; he would have smashed the ball at the goal and WOULD have got his goal. Messi's first 3 goals yesterday - a super strike from zero available space, a composed box finish, or the arrogant chip will definitely be more talked about because of their importance or apparent beauty. But it's the 4th goal I have watched countless number of times since yesterday with a gaped mouth. Messi would never bang a ball in the goal from outside the box hoping for a scared goalkeeper or a slight deflection off a defender like say Ronaldo or Rooney. Messi in a way is like any other FC Barcelona player in believing that philosophy - have you seen those crazy Barca defenders who would rather pass or dribble the ball inside their own penalty area ( and boy can they pass & dribble) than clear the ball arbitrarily. Messi just takes it to another level.This strive for perfection makes him miss some goals which he would have otherwise scored if he had given LUCK some breathing space.After all, it's an imperfect world. But who will explain that to Messi. For him end does not justify the means. Any one of us will take "Hence Proved" any day. Maradona will take" Hence Proved" any day. Messi will not.Maradona is like us. Messi is not.

Apr 2, 2010


If Bryce Dallas Howard and Rebecca Hall decide not to marry me (due to family pressures, their inability to understand Indian accent, Shiv Sena or any other insecurities they may have) they should marry this guy: This Guy
I'll be happy for them( true love and all).

PS1: I know that I have mentioned Elisha Cuthbert and Jessica Alba before on this very blog (along with pictures and all) but those were more immature infatuations. I have grown older and wiser after that.
PS2: If you haven't seen "The Village", "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona" and "Trainspotting" you won't get the essence of what I am talking about. Also you should kill yourself.
PS3: Yeah yeah, go ahead , go to Google images, Youtube, whatever.

Mind-boggling Science Fiction 3

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