Dec 30, 2009

All I Need

An interesting football world cup, a new Radiohead album, even just a new flavour of bingo potato chips may make 2010 more eventful/exciting than this year. But it would be damn difficult to top this decade where I have gone to 2 colleges,worked in 3 different companies in 3 different fields, lived in 6 cities and visited many more, discovered Internet, Music, Movies, Alcohol,Vonnegut and That 70's show and almost died 5 times(just to make it sound more dramatic).
Ever wondered how cool it would be if you could spend a large part of your life(say 10-15 years) pursuing just one special thing( that's a different matter that fear of failure would probably stop you from start pursuing it in the first place). For example this guy in this movie builds a rocket in his backyard and even takes a trip around the earth after fighting against the society, FBI, government and common sense of the viewers . "Astronaut Farmer" is the name of the movie, not that it's a great movie, but still could provide some inspiration.
Anyway, (Warning: anticlimax ahead-), I haven't had any such vision/talent in the last decade.
But I probably will, in the next.

OR I can simply have more fun :)

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