Sep 20, 2009

An Experiment in Masochism

Nine Inch Nails' album - "The Downward Spiral" is one of the best pieces of music I have ever heard. It's angry, it's violent, it's depressing and it's not for weak at heart. This 1994 album is an industrial rock classic- no I am not throwing jargon at you - it actually sounds like it was recorded in a steel factory. The Downward Spiral opens with "Mr. Self Destruct".
Here's what you have to do :

Step 1: Go to a calm, tranquil place
Step 2: Put on your earphones
Step 3: Turn up the volume to "Are you fucking nuts !" level
Step 4: Play "Mr. Self Destruct"
Step 5: Sit back and relax(while you have time)

There's this thing about "Mr. Self Destruct" - it's loud, it's hard, it's abrasive , it's downright nasty. But it's hypnotic and it is in some way pleasurable. I'll try to explain - ever tried scratching your nails on the wall, what if doing that could make you get rid of lifelong torture of trimming your nails again and again.Ever heard the chalk make that whistling sound on the black-board, what if someone was drawing a billion dollar treasure-map for you. Well, that's Mr. Self Destruct for you.
You'll be left shaken for sometime after you have heard the song. But after say 5 minutes when the after-effects have worn out, you'll play the song -again.
Quite an apt name for the song I must say. It is written for some kind of addiction, most probably heroin. But it could very well be about the song's addiction itself.

I am the need you have for more
(and I control you)
I take you where you want to go
I give you all you need to know
I drag you down I use you up
Mr. Self-destruct

PS: There are hundreds of live performances of Mr. Self Destruct on Youtube. This one is just the AUDIO. But it's not of great quality.You ought to download - to understand the full implications of the experiment.


Piyush D said...

haha...nice! reminded me of engg workshop. wondering how this music(or should i say -sound)will feel in the ultimate state of conciousness ;)

Manan said...

Oh, ultimate state of consciousness.sahi hai Piyush D! :D

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