Aug 5, 2009


It could be what Jack the Ripper thought of his prospective victims.
It could be what Milky Way thinks of unruly earth.
It could be what a Biology geek thinks of a juicy frog(still alive) kept in the lab.
It could be what Gorbachev thought of Soviet Union.
It could be what a critic thinks of somebody's self respect.
It could be what Black Mamba thought of Bill (before deciding to use the boring 3-step technique)
It could be what Pink Floyd thought of that radio jockey who used to babble a lot.

"One of these days, I'm going to cut you into little pieces" - One of these days, Meddle.


Shreyan M L said...


Anonymous said...

DUDE! It's the "Five-Point Palm Heart Exploding Technique"


Manan said...

Oh yeah, "Five-Point Palm Heart Exploding Technique" . 3-point technique sounded very cheap but I was too lazy to check ;)
Thanks for the correction Ishu!

amit said...

have been reading your blog. Funny stuff... and your music choice is awesome!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. See? This is why it pays to have a geek around :D

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