Aug 31, 2009

Kaminey Review

You don't become a Quentin Tarantino film by using some violence, foul language and cocaine. You need some engaging dialogue.

You don't become a Guy Ritchie film by having some gangsters who desperately try to act unique/cool/psychotic( but fail miserably at that). You need some humour and intelligent plot/twists.

You don't become a coming of age Bollywood film by having a kissing and condom searching scene.

I'll just say it without being diplomatic: Kaminey is a piece of crap. I slept twice during the movie and was awakened only by the loud and mediocre background score.


Shreyan M L said...

I don't agree with you :)

Mrunalini said...

I agree with you :)
The first indian movie that we were watching in a theatre here (in 8 months!!) - and surely it was something worth remembering for the boredom we endured!

Anonymous said...

Ah, finally someone who used the 'T' word, but in a different tone :D

Manan said...

Oh ,thanks Mrunal.At least somebody else who is not going crazy over that fuck-all movie.
Ishu, huh?

Anonymous said...

The 'T' word: Tarantino

Thought YOU of all would get this, Manan :D

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