Aug 11, 2009

Gifting Ideas

One of my Wingies got married some days back. Rest of us dutifully chose a seemingly perfect gift after exchanging 100 emails or so. This time we have really outdone ourselves - yet again. To give you some background - it started with a camcorder ( Can you believe it? A camcorder! yuk), but it was the first one, so we can blame our lack of creativity on our lack of experience. Next one got a Playstation 3. Yeah, he is damn happy with it but his wife is not. The third one got an Apple TV( which is really cool) but not without lot of deliberation . Options like Treadmill ( which initially seemed a pretty cool idea but was rejected because we thought that it might give an impression that we think that they are unfit!) , Skiing & snowboarding kits, Home Theater System, Handheld GPS , even Telescope(:D) were discussed and discarded.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you - iRobot Roomba 500 series.
It's a vacuum cleaning robot with wireless command center, virtual lighthouses and what not. You just have to press the clean button and you can go out for a movie while Roomba cleans your whole house room by room, without getting stuck , without falling down. It automatically recharges if it runs out of energy and finally returns to its dock after finishing the cleaning! Ain't it hi-tech?
But the real clincher was not its utility or coolness or technology. The real clincher was the reviews like this : " Love my girl Rosie." OR " Roger is a family member now."

Check out the video : Roomba At Work


Anonymous said...

Playstation? Apple TV?

Hold that thought... lemme find out what my wife thinks of getting married again!

Sanket Borad said...

Not to be undone by the roomba reviews ...

On the PS3: It's the brightest ray of sunshine in my life ... its Dualshock controller is the most delightful thing I ever held in my hands (yeah seriously) ... my romance with it is still continues unabated under the envious gaze of my wife.

Well, the Netflix streaming and Blu-Ray keeps her pacified.

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