Aug 18, 2009

Can we have more "total creativity" please?

Today I'll talk about this genre of sci-fi movies - (natural) disaster movies. Any disaster movie/book can be broken down into 5 distinct parts - 1) The Cause 2) The Primary Effect 3) The Secondary Effect 4) The Approach 5) The Solution. Almost all of the movies are very creative in the first two parts , but leave a lot to desire in the last two - especially the last one. I'll use and abuse 3 movies to prove my point.


Cause: Some asteroid gets naughty ( happens due to lack of parental control)

Primary Effect: It is on a collision course with earth. ( who wouldn't want to bang the earth!!)

Secondary Effect :It will create kilometer high waves, dust blanket and all the other cool things resulting in mass extinction, total annihilation or any apocalyptic phrase you might know. ( Are you kidding me? Oh my God!)

Approach - A bunch of people who drill holes will drill a hole in the damn thing. ( quite obviously)

Solution: NUKE THE BLOODY THING. ( Now we are being creative!)


Cause: Sun is infected with Q-ball( refer to the great google for greater details). Btw, this is never told in the movie, but is assumed to be a common knowledge - oh come on, who wouldn't know what a Q-ball is? ( Don't go out in the sun.Don't stare at the sun. Hell, at least Q-ball had the balls.)

Primary Effect: The sun will soon stop shining. ( Go on, I am all kicked. Perpetual Night Life and all!)

Secondary Effect: sun's death => earth's death ( Are you kidding me? Oh my God!)

Approach: Travel to the sun in a sexy spaceship with a sexy reflective shield which can never burn, which can never melt, which can never give up. ( only 6000 degree celsius. That's like insides of my oven)

Solution:NUKE THE BLOODY THING.( Holy shit. I could have never thought of that!)

The Core

Cause: A man induced earthquake. ( We have heard of this..haven't we)

Primary effect: Earth's core stops spinning. ( But we haven't heard of this!)

Secondary effect: Earth's electromagnetic layer gets all fucked up causing beautiful thunderstorms and giving free passage to the almighty UV rays which will result in, yes you guessed it- mass extinction. ( Are you kidding me? Oh my God!)

Approach: Fly inside the Earth in a laser guided rocket made of indestructible material quite amazingly named "unobtainium" in the movie! ( No space travel this.)

Solution: NUKE THE BLOODY THING.( I am getting goose bumps!)

So you have got the point. If you haven't - Nuking is the panacea. Someone may argue that nuking looked like the only logical solution in those cases. But why are we talking logic now? Who wants logic? Even I could have suggested some options(worthy of the extremely creative causes and effects) if they had paid me to write the script. It's like the writers got an idea but didn't want to work on it. It's like they loved to initiate it but got bored of it in the middle. It's like what Kurt Vonnegut has said ," “Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.” ( maybe not a very apt quote but a quote nevertheless. Vonnegut one at that)

For a change , it would be great to see some movies with very normal causes and effects but very imaginative solutions. But that's always difficult, isn't it?


Shreyan M L said...

Good observation .. Given the insecurities mankind harbours ( esp US), a nuclear bomb seems to be the most powerful defence available.. But there are few movies which have begged to be differ .. independence day for one .. but then opportunity was wasted .. in a very trivial solution eventually .. may be to promote the SFX cause .. the coolest sci fi ending to me is Mars Attacks .. when a supposed hi frequency opera can sound the death knell on the aliens :)

looking forward to more movie analysis from you :)

Artemis Foul said...

:D like oppenheimer said "Now i have become death, the destroyer of the worlds" In this case it turns out to be the death knell for all creative solutions

Manan said...

:D yeah who would have known nuclear weapons could have this drawback too.

And Shreyan, if i remember correctly even independence day involved nuking the bloody thing.Totally agree with Mars Attacks part though - it was so COOL! But then,strictly speaking, these two movies won't fall in the natural disaster category.

Anonymous said...

I dont know what category it falls into, but you should look up CLOVERFIELD.

What's interesting is that it doesnt even cover all 5 parts of a disaster plotline.

Leave it to the LOST guys to come up with something like this

Manan said...

Cloverfield wasn't even a sci-fi movie - it was a monster movie :P
But definitely cool!

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