Jan 6, 2009

A philosophical take on Life & Universe

Somewhere some scientists are perspiring over the fact that they underestimated the mass of Milky Way and that our beloved galaxy will "collide" with the big daddy Andromeda much earlier than what was predicted earlier. And hold your breath, collision will happen in less than Seven billion years. Holy Cow! I have already started preparing my bucket list. Have you? Moreover the dude says, "One thing we don't know yet is whether Andromeda will hit us square on, or whether it will be a glancing blow."
SERIOUSLY, who pays these guys? Recession anyone?

By the way, I am not exactly opposed to all these scientific studies. I believe only curiosity & exploration(no matter how misplaced it may be) can make life on earth worth living. Yeah yeah I have heard the argument on why waste money on sending rockets to moon when you can spend the same money on building roads or distributing food. I am in no mood to point out flaws in that argument right now. But well, the argument is flawed.

My only grudge is that despite this focus on scientific research and all, the advancement in the technology has been nowhere close to what we had expected in 1950s and 1960s.
We thought that man would be traveling to Jupiter and beyond in 2001. And what do we know, we clap like infants when we watch Neil Armstrong jump on moon. On MOON? Distance between Earth and Jupiter is like 900 million kilometers. And moon is just a stone throw away. Last time I checked pictures from one of the satellites I could spot the ball which went missing when Yuvraj was molesting Broad.
That too happened in 60s & 70s. That too probably never happened.

We thought that we would have cocktail parties with aliens. And what we have are some people getting orgasm on sighting some ice on Mars which ain't enough even for 1 whiskey on the rocks.

We thought that we would have pet robots who'll wash our clothes, do our homework, tell jokes to us or even assassinate people for us. What we have is an aluminum box which mumbles 1 of the 10 pre-recorded messages after measuring our body temperature and we think that we have got the friend we had been waiting for whole our life.

We thought we would travel through time. But all we have is lack of time. *****
We thought we would develop advanced telepathy. What we've got here is a failure to communicate.
( I could not resist that :))

I can go on and on. But what's the point ? It will just add to the frustration.

I don't know what the reasons are for this utter failure. Is it that the Cold War is over? ( Which idiot said peace and development go hand in hand). Or is it due to the invention of internet?( We have porn and social networking, what else do we need?)
Maybe in 7 billion years..........

***** Socrates would have been proud of this line!


Athena at Work said...

nice one ! And yeah, those two lines are quite witty :)

Lena said...

that was not really philosophical but rather very life-based. Great take.. and loved the bits of humour here :)

Gaurav said...

Cool Hand Luke - you a fan eh?

Shreyan said...

Lost & found .. The wit is back .. funny or not is a matter of individual taste .. loved this line the most ... "people getting orgasm on sighting some ice on Mars which ain't enough even for 1 whiskey on the rocks" ...

Manan said...

wit was always there Shreyan, but as you said funny or not is a matter of individual taste ;)

Gaurav, I am not a fan of Cool Hand Luke. In fact I hate that movie. But yeah, "the quote" is a classic.

Thanks Lena
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