Dec 17, 2008


If you are so used to excel sheets that it is taking you more time to calculate the sum of the numbers in the header than to read this sentence, you are on your way to prove all those scientists,filmmakers, songwriters and authors who talked about machines taking over us in future right. (OK, sentence was too long. No need to get optimistic).
Anyway the point is: Sum = 100. 4,43,25,28 is not a random combination of numbers and if you look towards the right side of the page under "Blog Archive" you will see the same numbers.
This is my 100th post!
And my first post was on the same day : Dec 17. (Coincidence eh? I swear to god I did not plan this).
December 17,2005 - 3 fucking years and I believed I get bored with things quickly. I am not sure why I believed what I believed 'coz I have also watched every episode of That 70s show thrice ( on an average). And I suspect that thrice is a very conservative estimate.
That makes it about (8 * 24 * 3 * 22 / 60) = 211.2 HOURS on That 70s show alone. How much free time have I had in life ? Scary.Satisfying at the same time.


Vimal said...

Congratulations dude! Its been great fun reading ur blog. Do continue writing :)

naina said...

Congratulations !!!

Read all that u wrote in 3 years in just 3 days .. :)

Expecting a few more short stories from u..

Hope v get them..

Keep writing...

Gaurav said...

100 posts! That really is big.
Keep writing. Your blog keeps me ( and the people whom I have recommended it)entertained in office!!

Piyush said...

Congrats! u sure do hav lotta

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff dude!

Manan said...

Thank you :)

Athena at Work said...

Congrats :) Will 200 read something like 4+43+25+28+100 ? :)

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