Oct 22, 2008

Dial C for Cricket

The title for the post has been directly lifted from the cricket show being aired on NEO Cricket nowadays. Not that I was awestruck by the name and decided to use it for my blog post, but because I watched the show just now. Well here I have to say that this caller/talk show is nowhere as cheesy as its name. In fact I am very impressed by the NEO cricket's coverage of the Test series. And I really love Dial C for Cricket. I am normally not a big fan of these caller shows mainly because the questions asked are too generic and the answers given are more so. Something like :
Caller: " What should India do to win the Test match"
Answer from an expert: "Hmm.. lets see... they should bat well and they should bowl well. Oh yes they have to concentrate on the fielding too."
Caller is almost crying with enlightment by now.
But not on Dial C for Cricket. They have non-vague questions which they discuss ,say " Who is better: Mishra or Chawla?" and they have all the historical records - one days, test, ranji, India A, Irani etc to provide some meat to the discussion. They properly involve the callers in the discussion,even multiple-callers at the same time. The show is informative - for example now I know that Cheteshwar Pujara is the upcoming hotshot batsman and Mounish Parmar is the Indian Murlitahran - both due to the spin and controversial action.I like the presenter guy. He knows what he is speaking - unlike almost all the other anchors. As far as experts are concerned we don't have many options, do we? This show involves Lalchand Rajput, Ramiz Raja, Arun Lal & Ian Chappell which are conveniently rotated.
I am glad that there is no Sunil Gavaskar on the show. I respect him and all that but his extreme patriotism gets on to my nerves. Don't get me wrong. I am a fairly patriotic guy but not at the expense of all conceivable logic. If Zaheer Khan abuses someone its just good natured bantering, but if some other team player does it, its outright disgusting and a shame for the game of cricket. If Saurav Ganguly is causing a huge amount of delay because he is waiting for the 12th man to bring him new gloves - thats understandable and completely natural but if Shane Watson has problems with his run-up its dirty delaying tactics. Give me a break.
Ok coming back to NEO cricket , commentary is as good/bad it can get. Surprisingly and unfortunately the commentary hasn't changed much in last 20 years. It's like a set of statements that new commentators inherit from the old commentators. Say, taking a single run after hitting a four is the greatest thing a cricketer can do. I mean what the fuck? Why is taking a single run on a ball which was an innocent full toss, or a flighted lolly , or a delicious over-pitched delivery SO great? or say, Straight Drive is mindboggingly classy shot even if it hit the stumps on the other side. Now we are not talking about placement , are we?
Anyway. Tendulkar broke Lara's record and I am really happy for him. Yes there were times when I had bets with friends on who will score more, Azhar or Tendulkar and I invariably put my money on the traitor. Yes there were times when there were angry calls from all ( even bongs) - get the fuck Ganguly out of the team. And I was one of the few who said , Tendulkar goes first and only then goes Dada. But well Tendulkar is Tendulkar. Nobody can deny that,not even me. And people complain - he is just playing for the records. Oh, I am still thankful to him. You can be the most selfish guy on the earth if you are that talented. You have earned that.
India- Australia series is as interesting as it was supposed to be. I could do with more on field/off field abuse though. Oh come on. Nobody is watching India-Pakistan these days because of all the friendship bullshit. Indians may say all that - Australians are arrogant, unsportsmenlike, abusive and all that. Australians may say all that for Indians too. But the fact is they can't wait to play each other. Its like angry sex.Some people say people so keenly follow India-Australia series because of excellent quality of cricket and close matches. Hmm, I am sure you remember the Bhajji-Symonds "Maa Ki" incident but can you tell me how much did India score in that innings? Can you? CAN YOU?
Funny sighting: An ad featuring Lalit Modi where he says I had this vision..blah blah... What vision are you talking about? The vision which BCCI couldn't see for so many decades of existence with all the money and all the fanaticism or the vision about the game which you rubbished only few months earlier or the vision which was served to you in a platter by a "rebel"?
Phew. My Champions League Football matches are about to start. Good Night.


Shreyan said...

while eulogising the indian's for playing well .. you should not ignore this aussie team really lacks spine .. unlike any that i remember since childhood days ..
Shame on aussies !!

Manan said...

Dude! I didn't write a word about India playing well! But since you mentioned, India IS playing well. And if Australian team is not good enough right now they have to deal with it! They can't just dwell on their past achievements. That Aussie team was good. This isn't as good. As simple as that.

Shreyan said...

The game is fun, when the competition is tough .. no joy winning against a buch of losers ..

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