Aug 10, 2008

Mind-Boggling Science Fiction 2

One day after getting drunk:

My Buddy(stammering): I have to tell you a secret today.

Me: What?

My Buddy: I am from the future.

Me: Huh?

My Buddy: I have come from the year 2150.

Me(excited): Really!And I was wondering how you get drunk so easily.Now I know. You people in 2150 must have seriously fucked up minds with all that pollution and global warming.

My Buddy: Yeah we are really fucked up physically & mentally, but we all are much more developed spiritually.

Me: Spiritually? huh? What crap...anyway where is the time machine!! I want to see it!!

My Buddy: Time Travel doesn't work that way. It's more of a mental travel than physical. Your mind travels back or forward in time,and occupies a physical form( a body) which is temporarily without a mind.

Me: Temporarily without a mind?

My Buddy: Yeah.Quite often you see some people acting "absent-minded". Well their minds are literally absent. Someone who had traveled back and occupied that body leaves it, and that body is without a mind for some time before some other mind occupies it. And since so many people are traveling from the future these days, nobody remains absent-minded for long.
We just have to use a 6-digit alpha-numeric code to initiate time travel. For eg. my code is 61c3h9

Me: Oh what did you say, your code was? 63d8h9?

My Buddy: No. 63c1h9

Me: 7h1d8q?

My Buddy: 6c19dh

Me: 9r8ic1?

My Buddy: 6ihr91.

Me: 8s9w1q?

My Buddy: Shit. I was drunk and you made me forget my code.

Me(laughing): I am sorry man. I was just messing with you. But, its not a problem. Is it?

My Buddy: Ofcourse it is!!There can be hmm... (36)^6 possible codes. How much is it?!!

Me: Wait I'll calculate on my mobile phone. Well it is a pretty huge number: 2,17,67,82,336!!!

My Buddy(shocked): And to try out all those codes will take me my whole lifetime!

Me: But you must have stored your code on your phone or a piece of paper or something.

My Buddy: I did! But remember I told you my phone got stolen today on a local train!

Me:Oh yes. Shit. Guess you are stuck in the year 2008 now.

My Buddy(sobbing): Yes I am stuck in this spiritually deprived era.

Me: huh?..what crap.

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