Jul 7, 2008

Once in a Lifetime Kind of Stuff *

I saw 100% Solar Eclipse from my naked eyes.

I saw Spain lift the Euro Cup.

I saw probably the best ever Tennis match which would have given me a heart-attack if I was 65. The match left me incredibly sad though**

* I hope not for the sake of Spain
** Federer will win again. This year. Next year. Next to next year. French Open too. If trophies & records are the only proof that you need to believe, he will have them. He will.


John said...

Let's just say , you witnessing one more solar eclipse is more probable than Spain winning a major trophy again.

manan said...

You are a German, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

i saw the match too..and i m not even a fan of either one! bt i so wanted fed to win somehow!!
u know me! bt i m not naming myself! go figure! :P

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