Jul 31, 2008

Mind-boggling Science Fiction

Voice from the Radio: Hello, I am a resident of planet Tribe2453. In other words I am an alien for you people.

Me: Hi

Voice from the Radio: Just Hi? Anyway, you need not be scared of me, my intentions are purely exploratory. I am just a child on my planet, and this is part of our school assignment , which was to study the culture of some third world planet and then make a detailed presentation in the class.

Me(bored): So what do you want from me?

Voice from the Radio: I will just reside in your mind for 6 months.We have the technology for that and it's a totally unintrusive method. You won't feel a thing and continue to live a normal life.

Me: Why me? Go reside in Nelson Mandela's mind or Oprah Winfrey's mind. You'll get a better perspective. I am nobody.

Voice from the Radio: I selected you from the Random Human Generator.And, you are as good as anybody for my study.

Me(getting irritated): No. I don't want to be a part of it.Get lost.

Voice from the Radio(surprised): You don't have to be rude. I was just requesting you.

Me(getting really pissed): Ok I'll say it politely : Why don't you go and fuck yourself.

Voice from the Radio(shocked):Now you are swearing in front of a child!Don't you have any shame?

Me(hysterical): Child? Where? Oh you .. fucking son of a fucking alien bitch.

Voice from the Radio(sobbing): That's it. I am destroying Earth.I don't care if i get a 'D' in my assignment.

And so, our beloved planet earth met its premature end due to one reckless human being.


Shreyan said...

Kurt Manangut .. or Isaac Asiman ..whoever

Anonymous said...

crazy stuff :D

Dopes said...

Hahaha.. ROTFL :D

How drunk were you when you wrote this? :P

Manan said...

wtf.. you think i can write mind-boggling science fiction only when I am drunk? ;)

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