Jul 20, 2008

The Dark Knight

I like you Mr. Christopher Nolan, but I like Batman more. Yes, I have serious issues with The Dark Knight. I liked your movie but right now I may go to ridiculous extents to ridicule it. Let's get few things straight:

There are NO superheroes in real life. So why these desperate attempts to make a realistic Batman? What's the need for Bruce Wayne to speak in a ridiculous heavy voice when he is wearing the suit? Does it add authenticity? Oh, try breaking some bones of Batman or making him crippled for life when he jumps from a 40 storeyed building to add authenticity next time.

Gotham is not a real city. And it is the mother of all DARK corrupt crime-plagued cities. I don't remember when was the last time we saw daylight in Gotham city like you have shown in your movies. And what's with Batman going to Hong Kong? Are we supposed to care about rest of the world too? What next? Batman will stop driving the Bat-mobile due to rising Oil prices?

The adversaries of Batman are supposed to be brilliant,eccentric people who have definite plans of world domination or large scale homicide. Not some random guy who just wants to kill all people with a machine gun. Where is the technology which will hypnotize all the people of Gotham? Where are the chemicals which bring out your darkest fears? Oh, I forgot, these things don't happen in a real world. But believe me a quintessential villain of a cult superhero series chasing trucks and shooting them with rocket launchers looks very CHEAP.

And by the way, last time I checked Joker is supposed to be a funny guy. Damn scary, but funny. A truly multidimensional character. Not a plain cold blooded psycho. For that I'll watch Javier Bardem in No country For Old Men. But then, we are not supposed to be critical of the acting of a person who is dead.

We are over-awed by the moral dilemmas of Batman already. We don't need to bother ourselves with the moral dilemmas of common people. You know what I am talking about: I didn't particularly like the boat scene.

Batman ladies are supposed to look ravishing. Say, Kim Basingerly ravishing. Even Nicole Kidman looked her best in one of the Batman movies. Maggie Gyllenhaal was far from ravishing( particularly in this movie). But then,which beautiful lady in a real world will fall for a creep dressed like a bat?

Even the transformation of Harvy Dent to Two-Face was not very convincing.

There was this Basin City . More corrupt and much darker than Gotham City.
But when Basin City was brought to life in a movie-form it was magnificent, not realistic but magnificent. Watch Sin City Mr. Nolan and take some inspiration. That is what a comic book adaptation ought to be.

I like Tim Burton's version of Batman much better.
But if you ask me which Batman movie I love the most : I'll say Mask of the Phantasm.

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Finally, somebody agrees with me!

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