Jun 24, 2008


Ronaldo: Christiano Ronaldo ( Portugal & Manchester United)
AAFL: An Average Football Lover

Ronaldo: I am best in the world.
AAFL: Who says so?
Ronaldo: The whole world.
AAFL: Hmm..no. Italians say Kaka is the best, Spanish say Messi is the best , Germans say Ribery is the best, and now Russians say Arshavin is the best.
Ronaldo: Oh is it? But here in England wherever I read, wherever I hear , they say I am the best. They can't be foolish. England is a football loving country and is known for its fair judgments.
AAFL: hmm.. yeah English people do say that. But English people also said that Alan Shearer was the best striker in the world at the time of Baggio and Ronaldo.
Ronaldo: Who? I don't know these players.Sorry my history is weak.
AAFL: Yeah, I figured that part.. when you were talking about England and...
Ronaldo(interrupting): And there was another Ronaldo playing football earlier? Is he dead now?
AAFL: Dead! No. He is injured. He is still playing for Milan. And well he is considered by many as the best striker( perhaps the best player) ever.
Ronaldo: Is it? Was he better than Pele, Maradona and ME!!!??
AAFL( trying to be polite) : Hmm... probably.
Ronaldo: Oh it can't be ! Look at the number of goals I scored this season. Manchester United won the Premier League and the Champions League because of ME.
AAFL( losing his patience) : And still ManU barely won the league and barely won the champions league. In Fact Chelsea was the better team in the Finals! And remember you missed the penalty too! You tend to get nervous.
Ronaldo : Nervous and me? Are you serious? I have scored so many penalties. It was just once that I missed.
AAFL: You missed against Barcelona too in the semis. Remember?
Ronaldo : Every great player makes mistakes. I am not GOD you see.But I have made up for all those by scoring so many goals.
AAFL: But don't you think ManU could have scored more goals if you had remained a Midfielder which was your assigned role, and not try to be a striker. And could luck have played a little role in your success?
Ronaldo: What nonsense are you talking. I was awesome , always. Thats why all the defenders were so scared of me;they kicked me and fouled me again and again.
AAFL: Well, if you had passed more and ran less........
Ronaldo: Oh you shut up. What do you know about football. The best club on earth - Real Madrid - is planning to buy me for 100 million dollars . Do you even know that 100 million has 4 zeroes in it!
AAFL: Who says Real Madrid is the best club on earth?
Ronaldo: I say that. And if it is not, it will be when I join them.I'll show all Messi supporters who is the best.
AAFL: But many people think that Messi is more talented and he played better than you in the Champions League... but we'll leave that. I think Real Madrid is buying you to sell more T-Shirts than for footballing reasons.
Ronaldo: What rubbish. But yeah , you are right I will sell more T-shirts. After all I am so drop dead gorgeous. I have charmed so many hookers and Bipasha Basu with my good looks and smooth moves.
AAFL: I have also charmed those hookers and Bipasha Basu and I paid less than you!
Ronaldo: You are jealous,disrespectful and arrogant. One day you'll understand and that day is not far.
AAFL: You are dumb, disloyal and greedy. One day you'll be disillusioned and that day is very near.
Ronaldo: I don't like you.
AAFL. I don't like you.

PS: I don't like Ronaldo.

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Dopes said...

:D Sour grapes?? But you can bet as hell I'll subscribe to all your views if he defects to Madrid :P

Till then, let him keep scoring in that red tee.

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