May 5, 2008

Long Nonsense

Bush says that Food prices have increased because people in India eat more. I totally agree.First of all they produce billions and after that they eat too. But what can I say , I'll only suggest that instead of complaining you should look for more innovative solutions to the problem. You have done that before .... Remember people in India used to wear more clothes too, but then, you didn't complain of rising cloth prices, instead you totally used it to your advantage and what do we have now: the great Porn industry of America! And thank you for that!We hope that some brilliant idea comes out of America from the present crisis too. This might sound cliched but is absolutely apt : Necessity is the Mother of Invention.
Oh, all this talk of increasing population and food shortage reminds me of this movie which I loved by the way: "Idiocracy". Not many of you may have heard of this movie and I also bumped into it accidentally.Its a satirical nonsense comedy from the director of Office Space. It has a simple but ingenious storyline : Concerned with the population growth all intelligent people stop reproducing, but on the other hand idiots keep on reproducing. So the future world is astonishingly dumbed -down, and our average guy from the present after 500 years of hibernation ( side plot) becomes the most intelligent creature on earth !!
Bleak future , I must say. Then there was Children of Men which also predicted apocalyptic future; but I won't go into that. But I will definitely mention here that Children of Men and Gattaca are two such breathtakingly beautiful movies ( I mean literally, cinematography and all), that I can keep watching them continuously forever. No kidding.
I can also keep listening to Pink Floyd's - Shine on You Crazy Diamond and Beatles' - A Day in the Life also, forever.
But I seriously wonder how some people can keep doing their Finance job forever. Do they really like it? Have you seen American Psycho? I remember this dialogue from the movie( happening in a bar):

Drunk Girl: What do you do?
Christian Bale: I am into Murders and Executions mostly.
Drunk Girl: Do you like it?
Christian Bale: It depends.Why?
Drunk Girl: Because guys who I know are into Mergers and Acquisitions really don't like it.

Only alcohol can bring out such brilliant mis-interpretations.But again I have realized in few years that alcohol is overrated( I thought I would die before I say this). Now no longer I wake up the next morning and feel utterly embarrassed of what I did last night .Where's the fun then?

One thing that is surely not overrated though is FC Barcelona , even after its pathetic season. Mostly they lacked the right attitude and team spirit. Also they must realize that they can win matches by playing beautiful football and scoring from free play against depressingly defensive mindset of other clubs in Europe only if they have brilliant strikers ( what Eto'o and Ronaldinho were 2 years back and what Messi is almost). Otherwise they have to rely on free kicks and corner kicks, long balls and long shots. And they need players who do that. What to say, world is not fair. Life is not fair.

If life was fair this wouldn't be happening:

Titanic has just sunk and Jack and Rose are fighting for their lives in ice cold water. Finally they get hold of a plank.

Jack ( shivering..almost dying off) : Oh Rose! I love you from the bottom of my heart.
Rose( comfortable...almost dozing off) : Oh Jack! I love you from the top of my plank.

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