Apr 8, 2008

Aren't Cynicism and Pessimism Awesome?

1) Have you read the best books? Did you love the bleak future of 1984 ? Brave New World?Did Holden Caulfield entertain you by finding fault in everyone and everything? Isn't Chuck Palahniuk most cynical of all living authors right now? And isn't he good?Have you read Survivor? Isn't Kurt Vonnegut the best author ever? The most intelligent and the wittiest? Probably most cynical ? Pessimist too? And addictive?Have you read Slapstick? Cat's Cradle? Mother Night? Breakfast of Champions?Slaughterhouse 5? Hocus Pocus? Timequake?Any?Did Kurt Vonnegut write this:"Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly; Man got to sit and wonder, 'Why, why, why?' Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land; Man got to tell himself he understand." ? Do you agree?

2) Have you watched the best movies ? Appreciated the under-rated movies where the world is ending? Enjoyed the underlying pessimism in an otherwise average movie based on a life of a loser ( eg: Lonesome Jim) ? Do movies based on Nuclear Wars, Future with Tyrannical society , Apocalypse, Doomsday,Judgment Day,Shift in space-time continuum and other exciting stuff excite you? Wasn't Stanley Kubrick great? Isn't Dr. Strangelove one of the best comedies( So do you think a movie in which the world ends CAN be a comedy?)? Full Metal Jacket?Clockwork Orange? Do you enjoy new, surrealistic , sci-fi movies which predict hopeless future (eg: Southland Tales) ? Have you seen Fight Club? Have you seen Clerks?

3) Have you heard the best music? Rock Music? Do you find Radiohead brilliant? Even inspiring?Did Pink Floyd write this : "and everything under the sun is in tune ;but the sun is eclipsed by the moon."? Is Pink Floyd God?Is God Pink Floyd? Do you love Dark Side of the Moon? Wish you were Here? Meddle? Wall?Animals? Do you believe any government in power is pathetic, like all rock bands do? Do you believe in an inconvenient truth , like all rock bands do?Aren't all good bands cynical?Pessimist? Isn't happy,optimistic music generally written by retards? Did R.E.M. write this: " Its the end of the world as we know it; And I am feeling fine."? Are good bands still naming their albums like this: " We were Dead before the Ship even sank."?

If your answer to some of the questions above is YES , chances are you belong to The Club!
( knowingly or unknowingly)

Don't you feel lucky now?!


Shreyan said...

you are on top of the need pyramid .. there is no need left for you to want .. you need a purpose to live .. you find refuge in feeling called Cynicism .. its momentary ..you want this anti social feeling to last .. glad you have pessimism to rely on .. you have created a need to feel good in the not so good world .. drugs provide you momentary bliss .. Books, movies and music just reflect upon this anti social mindset that most youngsters of a certain generation identify with .. Is the world really as bad ???

Athena at Work said...

Hmm... interesting comment there, Shreyan..took me a while to understand..As a wo(man), i can understand only after i think 'Why, Why. Why?' :)

manan said...

I never said world is that bad!How can world be that bad when you have such good books,music and movies? I am myself not that cynical or pessimist, but well, all good artists are! and as far as music etc reflecting social mindset, there is plenty of happy, optimistic stuff in the shop.
And Shreyan you might have written a general comment, but I must clarify - I don't do drugs.

Shreyan said...

since when did the 'you' become manan :).. r u on top of the need pyramid .. if so .. gimme a hand n pull me up .. :D

abhi said...

dont you just love... movies/novels with this one central do good all protagonist.
From singlehandedly fighting the bad guys, to rescuing the damsel in distress, to saving the world, to exposing the corrupt officers... etc etc he just cant seem to do anything wrong.
Do such people with no trace of negativity actually exist, if so i would like to meet one?

And on the other hand do people with only negative emotions exist?
Is it possible for someone to be so totally drowned in the darkness so as to do nothing which can possible help others. Does the man with his his heart in an iron box really exist ?
If so i suspect i may be becoming one ;-)

Simba said...

boss..i didnt qualify to be in the club :(

hobbessed said...

Who made the fucking rules?

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