Jan 8, 2008

Radical Use of Racial Abuse

So again , once again Cricket has become interesting.I somehow feel ICC has this hidden agenda to introduce controversies from time to time so as to make the game more interesting. Hats off to you Mr. Speed.No seriously,hats off to you.Oh, all you hypocrites, won't you wake up 6 in the morning and watch the next India-Australia test ( I know I know you didn't wake up that early for the last test match). No? Then why is that the 10 sec slot on Star Cricket will sell for 75000 instead of 50000.And you say why sledging, why racial abuse(we'll come back to this later), why excessive appealing, why shameless appealing, and well why bad umpiring(we'll come back to this later too).

Now lets talk about the issue at hand.
First of all . Let's celebrate. Now we Indians can feel proud that even we can "racially" abuse Australians!(finally!) Yeah, yeah now all of you will throw ICC encyclopedia at me saying that racial abuse is not limited to colour of the skin but lot of other ethnic factors. But then we Indians weren't aware of that fact( maybe due to our poor ignorant upbringing).Thank you for enlightening us. Now we won't miss any opportunity to "racially" abuse you.
And well I wonder how many cases are pending against fellow school students of Symonds ( you went to a school Andrew didn't you? ) for "racially" abusing him. Oh didn't they call you Monkey Symondy all throughout your school life? Don't lie.Or were you too big for them and they were too scared to tease you ( no wonder Bhajji called you Big Monkey).God is fair after all.If he didn't let you evolve properly, he at least made you bigger. If that's the case congratulations Mr. Symonds for being "The Bully" instead of being "The Tormented". And it seems you have successfully taken your bullying nature to the cricket field. And when a little Sardar tried to raise his voice , he paid the price ( good for him that you couldn't beat him up like you did to your fellow students). You managed to bully even the ICC panel who believed every word of yours like a gospel.
So this is the new knowledge we have gained from Australian players and media. You can call them any name you want ,ranging from a bastard to more colourful ones like mfucker ( oh I heard all of them on TV) but don't dare call Hayden a Wild Boar, Mitchell Johnson a lizard, Ponting a rattle snake or Michael Clarke a parakeet.For that matter don't utter name of any animal on pitch coz somebody might feel racially abused.You never know ,one moment you are praising the Australian team that they fought like tigers and the very next moment you are being banned for 5 test matches. And we as ignorant kids thought that "Kutta" was the safest Gaali to use ;we didn't know that we were racially abusing the other guy!!
And you blind fucking ape ( yes you Bucknor ) now that you have made one of the worst decisions ever made by a professional umpire/ an amateur umpire / any living soul to have done umpiring ( yes I am referring to that horrible Dravid decision), you can feel proud and leave Indian Cricket Team alone.

Enough Ire.


richa said...

drink n get over it! my 2 cents!

Gautam said...

Send this to Symonds.Lets see if he can bully you.

Shreyan said...

Angry young man :) ... huh .. so did u drink over richa's two cents ?? :D

Anonymous said...

funny stuff man!

Simba said...

i am sue bhajji wudnt know wh race symonds is!!

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