Jan 4, 2008


My friend Bob told me once ...... " The answer, my friend,is blowin' in the wind"
I haven't found the wind yet, but yeah, his music was good.

Yet another year of being clueless, yet being enlightened by Music,Movies, Football, Alcohol and Travel.

So, 2007 was pretty good. 2008 will probably be better.

PS: Ain't the new template smooth!? God bless you stranger.


i m anonymous said...

kaun stranger ...tere template ka naam stranger hain!?!
waise mere blog main stranger stranger hota tha :P

Anonymous said...

stupid, stranger is for the person who made the template! aidiee!

Anonymous said...

why r u telling me this here..we chat on gtalk naa!

Anonymous said...

thats coz no one comments on manan's blog otherwise!

manan said...

kaun ho ?

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