Dec 1, 2007

Well settled in Navi Mumbai....well almost

Yippeee! I got internet connection at home today ! Well its an altogether different matter that I don't have any source of drinking water , any source of food or any clean clothes to wear at home yet ( oh I have a washing machine ....but I guess, writing a post on your blog is much more interesting and much less grueling than washing your clothes in a semi-automatic BPL washing machine) .
Oh, my house is decent.It could have been better if my sweet landlord aunty would have told me few things earlier or if I had taken pains to inquire a bit more.For example she told me later,that the geyser is connected to the direct water supply and I can get hot water only from 6-8 in the morning or 6-8 in the evening. And then she says , its not a big deal, you'll anyway get up for office before 8 and also you have the gas connection and also you don't require hot water in Bombay. And then I say aunty you are so good at making assumptions.Then there is this another example , when I ask her to re-paint one of the rooms because the paint has worn off; and she told me yes yes no problems, only that paint will again wear off in the rains when the water seeps in at will through the walls of the room.Oh sometimes even small pool builds up in the room , where you can float your paper boats.And then she says , its not a big deal , it won't rain as much as it rained last year and also you must love paper boats and anyway you won't be staying here till the rainy season, will you?And then I say, aunty you are so good at making assumptions. And then she says , I am generally very considerate. And then I wonder what the fuck should I say to her!
The main concern now is Football ( I mean TV ) and well yes also drinking water, food and clean clothes.


abhi said...

thirding vimal and athena's smile factor comment.

Another Human Being said...

All the best for a new life, dude! Hope you really enjoy yourself :)

Anonymous said...

Where is NMMC investing public taxes – take a look at all the work approved at the weekly NMMC standing committee
When you pay your taxes to NMMC, it is spent for your amenities, facilities and making quality of life better in your neighborhood. NMMC Standing Committee and General Body meetings are specifically for those of you who want to know how you’re hard earned taxes are being spent. Deliberations and the work that will be carried out in the city after this week’s Standing Committee meet.
Another significant proposal to be taken up during the meeting were the audit reports of departmental work for the years 1997 – 98, 2001 – 02, 2003 – 04 and 2004 – 05 that were earlier sent to the Commissioner for compliance. Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik gave details of this proposal.

Anonymous said...

major project of Children's Park worth Rs 52 crore and other civic work worth Rs 20 crore are approved
In the General Body Meeting also major project of Children's Park worth Rs 52 crore and other civic work worth Rs 20 crore are approved. Besides, renting of shops of Shirvane's Shopping Complex proposal was initially not approved by any corporator, rather 13 corporators opposed it. "Ideally, once the proposal is opposed by maximum corporators, it should be disapproved by the House and should come back for discussion only after three months. But, ruling party took up the proposal in the same meeting and sanctioned it.
Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik denied all the allegations and said, "All corporators are unanimously approving all civic tender proposals, because corporation election will be held next year, and all of them will be answerable to the public.

Anonymous said...

Navi Mumbai Kerala samaj celebrates silver Jubilee
The Navi Mumbai Kerela samaj held an inaugural function for its silver jubilee celebrations at Nerul. Present to join the celebrations of the Keralites was Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik.
It was a day of double joy for the Navi Mumbai Kerela Samaj as the community was not just celebrating their Onam festival but was also celebrating its successful completion of 25 years. The community held an event at Nerul and celebrated the day with traditional galore. Present to be a part of the celebrations and to inaugurate the silver jubilee celebrations of the community was Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. He praised the works of the community on the day. He also wished the Kerela community a very happy Onam.
Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik also announcd a donation of Rs 11 lakhs for the commendable work being done by the Navi Mumbai Kerala Samaj.

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