Oct 26, 2007


I don't remember, when was the last time I waited so eagerly for any movie.

That it is written-directed by Coen brothers is obviously a big factor.Oh I have loved almost all of their movies - The Big Lebowski,Miller's Crossing,Raising Arizona,Barton Fink,O Brother where art thou ? etc - although their most acclaimed Fargo is the one which I find grossly overrated.
That it will be visually stunning is not even a question.( Look at the list of movies I have written above for God's Sake).And it is based on supposedly great Cormac McCarthy's novel.

But more importantly, the trailer. THE TRAILER. It won't be an exaggeration if I say that it is one of the best trailer I have ever seen.Ok I don't know why. Nowdays almost all movies have brilliant trailers, where they show the best scenes/cuts from the movie and finally when you watch the movie, you come to know that those were the only scenes watchable.
But this one is different. It is dark.It is wicked. And it forewarns you what to expect of the movie.And boy, does Javier Bardem look chilling as the bad guy.I mean really chilling. Javier Bardem has this"Hey, look I am so psycho" look or lack of look on his face.And well they reaffirm my feelings about him in the trailer, when they are discussing him: "Just how dangerous is he?" "Compared to what.......bubonic plague?"

Watch the trailer here: TRAILER
Don't blame me, if you choke upon the trailer.I almost did.

Another movie which I am looking forward to see ( obviously not as much as the one above) is Into the Wild.
It has an intriguing storyline. And the wonderfully mellow soundtrack , where all the songs are done solely by Eddie Vedder(obviously I already have the soundtrack ).

Watch the song Hard Sun from the movie here : Hard Sun

PS: Watched Shoot em Up today on big screen.Imagine cheesy.Imagine gross. And I mean , really, really test your imagination.And then you'll be hugely surprised when you watch the movie.Whether positively or negatively depends purely on your taste.If you can watch a single person killing atleast 200-250 people ( and yes its not a bomb blast,where BOOM, and 100 people are dead.He kills them one by one) and you can enjoy dialogues like this :

"Well I was just remembering a limmerick. There once was a woman who was quite begat. She had three babies named Nat, Pat, and Tat. She said it was fun in the breeding, but found it was hell in the feeding when she saw there was no tit for Tat. You have caused me no end of trouble, but now I shall return the favor. Tit for Tat, right?"

"You want to know the difference between this luxury car and a porcupine?
With the car, the prick's on the inside. "

then you are in for a treat! Else please don't watch.


Anonymous said...

woaah! cool trailer!looking forward to see the movie.

moa said...

Yeah, the trailer is not bad, man..it lookts like a bad-ass movie.. buot it does seem like a manan movie also... :)

Since you are out of a job, and out of ideas for getting a job too, why not try being a film critic?... you wont make much money, but you wont have a cockey boss and it would be enough to pay for your beer (at current levels of consumption) :P

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