Sep 7, 2007

Viva America

Anyone who might have seen "Beauty and the Geek" on Star World would definitely appreciate the ingenuity of the concept.Yeah really. When all the reality shows play on peoples' sentimental sides, this one makes you laugh your ass off!They basically team up a sexy babe with an ultimate geek from one of the MITs of USA.They might not be as geeky as they look, with all the weird hairdos and perennial Am I on planet Earth type of demeanour.I suspect they receive specific acting lessons and obviously some make-up before the show.I also suspect that "the beauties" receive an IQ test before the show with an upper cut-off limit of 50.
Well the point of the show is that all the geeks are made to do the sexy things and all the beauties are made to do the geeky things.
The question and answer round is interesting.The questions asked to the geeks aren't that tough till the point they start asking them the name of britney's ex husband and all that kind of stuff. Question asked to beauties are too damn easy. Anyway its somehwhat understandable when one of the girl is asked to recognize John Kerry from a picture and she says Al Gore after a lot of deliberation.That is OK; she was atleast close. Not everyone is interested in Dirty Politics.
But things get really amusing when the girls are asked to speak on certain topics.

Topic for Beauty # 1 :What are your views on Global Warming?

Beauty #1: huh..huh... smile..huh..giggle....shit..thank you.
And mind you its not that she had stage fright or anything( she would have undoubtedly performed a pole dance without blinking an eyelid had there been a pole present there).

This one is a classic:

Topic for Beauty # 2: What are your views on Pollution?
Beauty #2:All the things I use are recycled.( Oh my! what a beginning!!). My T-shirt is recycled, My belt is recycled , even my shoes are made from recycled material..they are made of recycled Cow Skin! giggle ..giggle..thank you.
Now tell me, won't this compare with the best episodes of Seinfeld!!And I swear, she wasn't a model and she wasn't a blonde.

There is a You-Tube video circulating heavily on internet. Its a video of Miss Teen USA pageant final round when Miss North Carolina(if I remember correctly)is asked this question : " According to a survey about a third of Americans canno't locate USA on a world map. What do you think of this?"
And what she replied will go down as a legend.She said something like this(shit I don't remember exactly): "...............gibberish........................Iraq and South Africa are very poor and they lack education. USA is helping them by providing them health and education .......... and teaching them to read maps......gibberish...."
Seriously,I have heard stories but its difficult to believe that Americans are really that dumb.
This reminds me of an anecdote that was published in some magazine many years ago. This man from Germany was travelling in a local bus in L.A. when the person sitting next to him started a conversation ,and asked him what does he do for living.German replied "I am into semiconductors" . The person replied : " Really, then you must be pretty used to the bus rides!"

It was fun to read the comments beneath the Miss Teen USA video on you tube( no i am not posting the link ,go must be one of the most viewed of the month or somehting).
Some guy from IRAQ posted : " We are ruled by this country?"
And then some patriotic American came into defense :" You should not make generalisations about the IQ of all Americans after watching this video. If we were so dumb how would we make so many inventions and discoveries?" ( hehe..He himself was surprised wasn't he.)

But then exceptions are always there.. ( Eddie Vedder, Stanley Kubrick and Benjamin Franklin being three of them)

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