Aug 2, 2007

What's a sport without the sporty rivalry ?

The England-India test match that just got over was a classic! Seriously!! Where else will you find slip fielders throwing jelly-beans(now we know what English men steal from their children) on the wicket and then Zaheer Khan walking upto Kevin Pietersen and saying "(For the love of Fez)Mate , I am here to play cricket!(not eat candies)". And obviously our mallu hot headed stud boy taking more than a revenge in his 10 minute legendary over.Oh how much I owe Sreesanth for making cricket interesting to me;I still haven't forgotten the awesome kathakali he did a year ago. Shame that his target audience was only Andre Nel when he could have easily filled stadiums with his natural talent.Mind you, I am not being even a least bit sarcastic here, I seriously loved the dance.Anyway coming back to his legendary over, our dude bowled a deadly beamer.Sreesanth and Pietersen both almost lost their heads . Sreesanth figuratively, Pietersen literally.Ok that might be unintentional but the next 1 yard bouncer no ball wasn't for sure. And silly people , complaining, don't make cricket a rowdy game like football ...hehe are you kidding me.. only such incidents can make cricket following reach atleast a millionth of that of football.Who will sit and watch 22 people eating with knives and forks and saying" yes sir, no sir" for 5 days!!

But no matter what England and Indian cricket teams do, this rivalry is not even half as interesting as that of India -Pakistan. That Miandad six which made him a legend (very generously helped by Chetan Sharma's lolly) or that Eden Gardens 1999 Test match( oh how i love people invading the pitch or throwing bottles). This rivalry is so great that it even made Venkatesh Prasad ( yes Venkatesh Prasad) unforgettable when he clean bowled Aamir Sohail on the next ball to the ball on which Sohail hit a four and asked him to follow the trajectory.I suspect that wicket has definitely helped Venkatesh Prasad ( yes Venkatesh Prasad!!) to become Indian bowling coach(!!).

Well how can I leave football out of this post. Many would talk about Celtic-Rangers rivalry, but people there should be some qulaity to the rivalry. So I would say Real Madrid - Barcelona . This was around the time when I had just become a fan of Barcelona and Figo had just left Barcelona ( where he had almost achieved a God-like status). Leaving Barca is one thing , and joining Real Madrid after leaving Barcelona is a completely different thing. I have never seen such a hostile reception to a team ( specifically a player) in my whole football watching career as was when Figo's Real Madrid came to Nou Camp. Imagine 1 lakh people whistling and booing whenever Figo touched the ball ( and well Figo was quite a player at that time , so he touched the ball quite often). And I witnessed that moment live( I mean live on TV) when somebody from the spectators threw a real pig head on Figo!But sometimes the crowd has a capacity to amaze you. That happened in Madrid last to last season when Ronaldinho was at his peak. When he scored his second against Real and all seventy-eighty thousand spectators rose and clapped for him( I don't know whether it was brilliance of Ronaldinho or frustration from pathetic performance by Real Madrid).

Oh there are other sports too. Remember Tyson and Holyfield and right ear and biting.Exciting stuff it was(however gross it might have looked)!
Oh and yes obviously glamorous WWF/WWE rivalries : Bret Hitman Vs Undertaker .... Triple H Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin ...... and well now Batista Vs Reincarnated Undertaker ( I am a little embarrassed to say that I still watch it).

I didn't even have to go that far to enjoy sport rivalries, I have witnessed it live in Kharagpur's inter-hall sports events. I have seen people abusing, people crying, people having nervous breakdowns, people bunking classes,people flunking courses,people getting beaten,people getting hospitalized in the name of sports and hostels.

Btw when is the next test match at Oval?? !!!!!!!

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