Aug 21, 2007

I have been reading quite a lot these days ( ofcourse by my standards ) . 4 books in 3 months is quite a lot for me. I like to take a break when I have read a book ,to forget it or to absorb it or to garner courage to pick another one.This is unlike movies; if i don't see a movie or atleast half a movie anyday I am all panicky.Naturally ,when i am reading , my frequency of watching movies decreases (although it decreases only by an iota) and then those unpleasant withdrawl symptoms( just like the ones experienced by cocaine addicts). This explains why I don't read much.
Anyway the 4 books which I have read in last 3 months:
Fountainhead(Ayn Rand)...I have already written a post on it.

Inside Out:A personal history of Pink Floyd (Nick Mason) ..only for hard core Floyd fans.

Fever Pitch(Nick Hornby): ... 4.5/5 for hard core Arsenal fans(and here I am not talking about Henry era Arsenal fans ..I am talking about hard core fans ..who know history) ... 3.25/5 for football fans(I fall under this category)....others better skip it...

Haunted( Chuck Palahniuk)...well well .. the post was actually meant to be only about this... rest is all fillers.I had read only 1 book of Palahniuk before this and that was Fight Club (obviously after watching the movie). So i pretty much loved him and a horror book written by him seemed a very attractive proposition.And well Parental Advisory on the front cover and all the cautionary and colourful remarks by Guardian and Daily Telegraph and New York Times on the back cover sounded damn funny . Seriously, I have read all those eye bleeding , horrifying , stomach -churning type of remarks for all Stephen King novels and shockingly even for Charlie and the Chocolate factory.
I generally have great tolerance for gory, gross stuff.Its not that I like it but I won't run away when Saw 3 or Hostel is playing in front of me.And if I can watch, I can definitely read.And if I say something is outrageously disgusting , you better take notice.
Haunted has this Darna Mana Hai kind of setting with 23 short stories and 1 main plot running in parallel.The problem with Haunted is that Chuck Palahniuk starts with the story that is the MOST shocking one in the whole book. Bad idea I must say , because atleast 80% of the people who will start reading the book will feel too sick to continue.So if he had kept "Guts" ( yes thats the name of the 1st story... now you can imagine... NO YOU CAN'T IMAGINE)somehwere in the middle of the book, he would have sold atleast twice the number of books he has sold now. Chuck Palahniuk says in his afterword that in all 73 people fainted during the various" reading sessions" of Guts and I did check the validity of this on internet ( the figure might be exaggerated but its not far off the mark).Obviously "Guts" has become the most talked about thing from the book and in general a hell lot of talked about. And no wonder its easily available on internet and even on Chuck Palahniuk's site.
Not to belittle the rest of the book, the rest of Haunted is also extremely so to say repulsive.You might not get scared but you'll definitely get appalled.But then he indeed is an amazing writer, with awesome 1-liners(remember Fight Club?) ,totally different outlook on most of the things and the black humour(did I tell you many people find this book hilarious). And surely you'll increase great deal of your general knowledge about the topics that might not even cross your mind otherwise( mainly detailed explanations of various ways in which a man can die and human anatomy).
The book will make you wonder how deviant , how deranged a person can be to write a book like this.You might say how deviant someone can be to read this book.But then if you can somehow tolerate the grossness , this book has some really amazing stories.

PS: I know I may have made you curious(maybe that was the whole point) and some of you might even search for "Guts" on internet.I'll suggest not to, don't blame me later.


Vimal said...

I was half-tempted to read it but keeping in mind ur reputation and the fact that u urself consider it gory, I have decided to pass it for now :)

Manan said...

thanks for listening !!
otherwise u wud have stopped talking to me ;)

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