Jun 22, 2007

Of Football ,Floyd and other kickass Fs

Yesterday i was shocked when this thought appeared in my mind : I am addicted to Football ( how many addictions do i have to deal with for god sake!) .. seriously.. and the prospect of spending 1.5 months without watching any football action seems scary.
Reflecting on the amazing season that just got over.... Yeah Barca didn't win anything.And while watching the last game of La Liga i surprised myself when i actually didn't feel THAT bad when I saw Real winning the game and therafter going into frenzy of celebrations. In fact I felt happy for the ecstatic Raul and Company. Believe me, last year I would have cried ( well almost) if something like this had happened. Now don't get me wrong , I am still the staunchest of the supporters of Barca.It still has so much quality , that if all the players play and play with full commitment, it can embarass any other team in the world.Its just that this season Barca wasn't a team ,it was just 11 separate individuals who all believed that they were the best players in the world and were indispensable.Thats why it was so refreshing to see Real Madrid and the commitment that all players brought to the field ( wanting them to win came naturally to me)
Talking about Barca , let me tell you Ronaldinho and Messi are just untouchables when they are playing at their peak. I mean they are a different class and NO other player in any league even comes close to them.Arrogance and ego comes naturally to you when you are that good.But exactly that led to the downfall of their club. I was watching this game and I just couldn't believe when I saw a wry utterly disdainful smile on Messi's face when he passed on the ball beautifully ( after doing some breathtaking trickery)to Ronaldinho right infront of the goal and Ronaldinho missed the sitter. Its ok dude you might be as good as Ronaldinho but you still have a lot to prove!
Ronaldinho himself was pretty disappointing this season. Why does he have to go down on a slightest of the touches.Its football not figure skating boss! Have you lost all your confidence on the ball or you think you'll score from every free kick you get?Whatever might be the reason , its extremely irritating to watch. You are Ronaldinho!! not Christiano Ronaldo for heaven's sake!I think Eto'o should leave the club(however good he might be), that will help bring some peace back.And please Henry go anywhere , don't come to Barca .. they already have too much ego to handle.I want Deco to stay in any case. Although he is not as effective as he used to be and is always more than ready to exchange punches with other team's players or sometimes even with refree( seriously you should see him salivating at the prospect of getting a Red Card) but he somehow holds the team well.
Once again La Liga proved to be much more enjoyable to watch than Premiership.When was the last time it happened in premiership ( or for that matter any league) that you don't know who among the top 3 teams will win the league till the very last match.Awesome stuff! Imagine what an ideal football league would be like : All teams are equally good , and which club wins the league depends purely on the consistency factor.Ok even La Liga is zillion miles away from being ideal , but it does happen in La liga..any club can defeat any club anyday.In fact Real Madrid was trailing Mallorca 1-0 till almost 70 minutes in the last match when the much ignored humble player from Arsenal saved their asses.Premiership defenders talk about the pace and all that crap.. I can't see it anywhere.If thats the case the best teams should set an example isn't it?On the contrary,its a well proven rule in premiership..bigger the game..more boring it is.Oh ..watch the games when ManU , Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool play each other and then watch the games when Real,Barca,Sevilla and Valencia play each other..you'll come to know of the difference.
Milan thoroughly deserved to win the Champion's league. In fact the way they played their 2nd leg against Bayern in quarters , it was pretty evident that no other team had balls to stop them.And the 2nd leg they played against ManU was probably the best performance by a team I have ever seen! It was way way better than ManU drubbing of Roma ( scoreline is not the only indicator of performance you see).
Oh about the title of the post.... it just sounded cool... I'll write about Floyd once i finish reading "Inside Out : A personal history of Pink Floyd" by Nick Mason.


Anonymous said...

Sorry dude,but it seems Henry is on his way to Barca!

manan said...

yeah man ( whoever u r)..
and if Eto'o stays Rijkaard will have to come up with some really creative formation...coz none of the big 4 can be there on the bench

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