Jun 8, 2007

The Fountainhead

Spoiler Warning : While this post might not reveal the story but it might reveal some other stuff about the characters in the story that might ruin your fun of reading( if you haven't already read) one of the greatest fiction books*** ever written .

I'll start with : Whats the big deal?! .... oh so now you didnt get my point ... there is always the handy fuck .... Whats the big fucking deal!!??.. yeah thats much better..I sometimes wonder why there aren't many spoofs of books just like movies...because this one is the perfect raw material for one. Or still better make a movie spoof of this and cast hmm... YES! cast Leslie Nielsen ( yeah the smooth talking brilliant lieutenant from Naked Gun) as the-most-intelligent-creature- on- earth-the-mister-can-never-go-wrong-the-God Howard Roark.I am already chuckling...imagine Nielsen giving that last courtroom speech in his usual style ;talking about fire and wheels and humanity and people sitting there, listening intently and taking notes. And seriously what was that business of Gail Wynand telling Roark he loves him in every second statement..ok all you people may call me a shallow pervert but it was sort of irritating..in my spoof they'll definitely have sex.
What happened to Mr. manipulator Ellsworth Toohey.. with all those grandiose plans and theories.. in the end he was working as a newspaperman only, isnt it??and that too in a smaller newspaper. Finally somebody please explain me the character of the-second-most-intelligent-creature-on-earth-the-miss-can-never-go-wrong-the-goddess Dominique Francon ( or may I take the liberty to call her the Slut). She has a very simple rule : I hate this world and I hate all the people in this world so i will sleep with all the people in this world so that i won't hate myself ?? huh huh ????huh?
I am not yet finished..oh!that revered love making( or the rape) scene involving Mr. Roark and Ms. Francon...i swear to god i thought i was reading a B-grade novel when i was reading that part... Direct excerpt from the book " she fought like an animal but she made no sound........." ok i'll stop( this blog is not for such explicit material).But seriously Khushwant Singh would have done a better job at that.
And by the way when did architects become so important that people stopped sleeping and eating and started killing over them... weren't there any filmstars in 1920s and 30s..?? What happened to Katherine Hepburn? she didn't get enough publicity or what?

Yes, Miss Rand I somewhat agree with your philosophical ideas about Altruism and Collectivism but you could have explained those in 200 pages less.. you didn't have to hammer them again and again into our heads...ok we might not be as intelligent as Mr. Howard Roark or Miss Dominique Francon but we are not dumbfucks either!

DISCLAIMER : I didn't hate this book, infact it was a decent timepass.Atleast last 100 pages were interesting. I just felt like ridiculing something and this was the easiest target.. yeah I have several other targets but I can't ridicule them in a public place like this.

1) I never thought I would write about a book on my blog!
2) The best three pages of the Fountainhead were the speech(or whatever) that Ellsworth gave to Keating. For me that was probably the saving grace of the novel.
3)*** : my ass


Anonymous said...

The very fact! that this is the first book u ever wriote abt in ur blog!!! proves the worth of this fiction!!!
come on! Mr MAnan!!! u sure couldnt ignore this book! and god bless ya that finally at 25 u read it!! :P

Anonymous said...

What else... Montoo was here! :-D

Anonymous said...

How dare you!

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