May 20, 2007

I am sci-phil again!

There was a time when I absolutely loved sci-fi movies no matter how crappy they were. All those space,gravity, aliens and obviously extinction of life on earth thrilled me . Sci-fi movies haven't changed much ; they can be broadly classified into two categories : 1) Dudes come to us 2) We go to the dudes ( replace dudes by Aliens or meteors and you get any goddam sci-fi movie ever released).I am a fan (rather was a fan) of the 2nd category.All that space travel, zero gravity, mainframes excited me. Today I watched "Sunshine" on big screen.I know none of you have heard of the movie . I also came to know about it on wednesday only when I saw its PVR release ad in TOI. I casually checked it on IMDB and whoa! I decided to watch it this weekend no matter what.There are few reasons for that : First of all its been a while since I watched a sci-fi flick in cinema hall( last one was MIB 2 i think).Secondly it is directed by Danny Boyle( Trainspotting(!!), 28 days later) and thirdly it belongs to the 2nd category and has one of the most interesting plots i have heard in a sci-fi film ( well many people would have a different "i" word for the plot : idiotic). Well I'll come to the story a little bit later , first let me tell you what pains I had to go through to watch the movie. I am not normally ( or never) a watch-a-movie-alone-in-the-theater kind of person.So I had to literally drag a friend of mine to come along with me.Oh come on!.. who would be crazy like me to watch a totally unknown movie after paying 200 bucks in PVR.. that too a sci-fi movie ... that too a sci-fi movie with idiotic plot..
and that too on SATURDAY. Oh yes its a well known fact here : YOU DON'T GET MOVIE TICKETS ON WEEKENDS. And mind you when it comes to weekends Bangalore ppl are like mosquitoes who'll buzz over any corpse no matter how rotten it is ( or how less rotten it is).Yes in heights of desperation I have even tried to get gult or tam movie tickets but failed miserably at that too.But somehow my sixth sense hinted that there are not "crazy" enough people in Bangalore. And boy was I right! There were only two movies(out of probably 20-25) whose tickets were available "Sunshine" and "Breaking and Entering". Well i didn't have much clue about the latter one except for that it had Jude Law and well we did ask about it from the ticket counter guy ( my friend's last desperate attempt to avoid Sunshine). When he said B&E is a romantic movie it wasnt difficult to convince my friend to watch Sunshine.I can safely say that all the other people there in the queue were those who didn't get tickets for other movies.But there sure were some funny scenes . For example a couple who were undecided what movie to watch decided upon Sunshine because its name has "romance" plastered over it and well breaking and entering sounded more like a gangster flick .Or this other one which entered the hall when Pirates of the Caribbean trailer was being played and the girl said "Oh there is Johnny Depp in this movie!!!" Or this irritating one sitting right next to us where girl had questions on almost everything ...who are they? what are they doing?Are they in space?( No ma'am that is Titanic and that is black sea and those which look like planets and asteroids are actually jelly fishes). Nevertheless our Audi was HOUSE-FULL!!
Talking about the movie itself . Its plot( which you have been waiting for so long) in 1 line (copied from IMDB ) is : " A team of astronauts are sent to re-ignite the dying sun 50 years into the future." And they plan to do this by detonating a Manhattan sized nuclear bomb in the sun... basically creating a star inside the star.!!Now its up to you to label it interesting or idiotic. But to all you scientists and physicists who think of this plot as impossible to even a 2nd class student here is some more trivia for you :
"The plot does not revolve around the sun dying in the normal sense: this is not due for around five billion years based on our understanding of nuclear fusion. It has instead been "infected" with a "Q-ball" - a supersymmetric nucleus, left over from the big bang - that is disrupting the normal matter. This is a theoretical particle that scientists at CERN are currently trying to confirm, and was one of the many contributions of the science advisor. The film's bomb is meant to blast the Q-ball to its constituent parts which will then naturally decay, allowing the sun to return to normal."

Well I would be lying if i say I loved the movie.If only they had not brought in something in the middle of second half this movie would have been a sci-fi classic for me!(Me and my optimism which thinks that some of you are crazy enough to watch the movie so I am not disclosing that something).This movie had that 2001:A Space Odyssey feel to it ( don't worry it wasn't even half as slow!!)Incidentally it was my only 2nd post fully dedicated to a single movie and the first one was also Danny Boyle's Trainspotting. That was Trainspotting!!!!, this is Sunshine . Sunshine probably doesn't even deserve this post but somehow it rekindled that sci-fi love in me!

PS: I saw two amazing movies last weekend. This year's Best foreign film Oscar winner The lives of others and probably the BEST Hollywood masala movie ever True Romance ( btw it was written by Tarantino).
PPS: If there is God,Milan will win the UCL.Liverpool doesn't deserve it 2 times in 3 years. Milan doesn't deserve it 2 times in 3 years.


abhishek said...

Hence proved: God is there :):)

Anonymous said...

I saw sunshine after reading your blog...good timepass i must say

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