Apr 7, 2007

What a shame!

With players like

<------this and this ----->
in the midfield

and players like this ----->
on the BENCH (!!!)

can somebody please explain me how the fuck can a team struggle to even qualify for Euro 2008 ( and I thought they wouldn't have any problems winning it !!!)

Let me clarify here ,these are not just few extremely talented and "potentially" dangerous paper tigers (somewhat like Indian cricket team although I seriously believe talent quotient there is questionable). These players actually perform breathtakingly well for their respective clubs.
Clockwise from the top : David Silva , Andres Iniesta , Cesc Fabregas
And players like Joaquin and Vicente don't even get a place on the bench!
Although I have talked only about Spanish midfield , we'll get the same story in forward as well as defense lineup. David Villa, Morientes, Torres , Raul .... doesn't it look good?
People who might have some doubts on how good David Silva is ,look at this goal he scored in Champions League match against Chelsea

David Silva Goal for Valencia

and mind you this is not just once in a blue moon chancy shot on goal ( which Bayern Munich and Liverpool players keep on doing) . Silva has been amazing throughout the year.
I so want Valencia to win it this time ... they deserve it - come on poor guys were finalists for two consecutive years (2000 & 2001).

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