Mar 29, 2007

The Trip

[Bangalore {Getting drunk ,shitty Apocalypto.. shittier 300... Purple Haze..Getting drunk... iron maiden concert (The ultimate mistake of reaching there sober except for the headache and dizzines from the last night's drinking , 30k-40k crowd making it the largest ticketed concert ever in India ,ppl trying to smuggle vodka in their underwears,pathetic opening acts :Parikrama ditto,Lauren Harris- ruining her father's reputation,someone on the stage announcing "You can tell your fucking kids someday that you were there in the fucking Bangalore to watch the fucking Iron Maiden concert. Yeah!",tall long haired goateed black Teed dudes, dude here, dude there , dude everywhere , dudes unnecessarily pushing and shoving, Copious amounts of Ganja in the air already devoid of Oxygen,1 water/watery pepsi outlet with 100 ppl in a sort-of-queue , 1 loo with 100 ppl in a sort-of-queue, Rs 900 barricade brought down by the crowd,a short stampede, very energetic and enthusiastic Maiden ,Number of the beast, Run to the hills, we losers complaining and complaining instead of enjoying , we losers shamelessly leaving the ground while the show was still in progress)Hypnos, getting drunk},Teen patti in the train , Goa ( Beer ,south goa,Palolem,sea, beach,huts, beer,babes, bikini babes, "non-bikini" babes , beer, fishes,prawns,lobsters,lying down on the beach,beer ,sunset,kicking someone's ass at pool,tattoo,fox teeth necklace, north goa ,Honda activa, getting lost at 2 A.M., beach , beer ), Zillion photos]

PS : GOA is Awesome!
PPS: Bands from Assam, Sikkim and Calcutta doing Iron Maiden covers at IIT Kgp OAT was a much better experience than the real deal.
PPPS : Download Pentagram's new song Voice from here: Voice.One of the best songs I have heard from an Indian band

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Anonymous said... surely doesn't require Holmes to decipher what was the most important thing in ur trip !


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