Mar 29, 2007

The Trip

[Bangalore {Getting drunk ,shitty Apocalypto.. shittier 300... Purple Haze..Getting drunk... iron maiden concert (The ultimate mistake of reaching there sober except for the headache and dizzines from the last night's drinking , 30k-40k crowd making it the largest ticketed concert ever in India ,ppl trying to smuggle vodka in their underwears,pathetic opening acts :Parikrama ditto,Lauren Harris- ruining her father's reputation,someone on the stage announcing "You can tell your fucking kids someday that you were there in the fucking Bangalore to watch the fucking Iron Maiden concert. Yeah!",tall long haired goateed black Teed dudes, dude here, dude there , dude everywhere , dudes unnecessarily pushing and shoving, Copious amounts of Ganja in the air already devoid of Oxygen,1 water/watery pepsi outlet with 100 ppl in a sort-of-queue , 1 loo with 100 ppl in a sort-of-queue, Rs 900 barricade brought down by the crowd,a short stampede, very energetic and enthusiastic Maiden ,Number of the beast, Run to the hills, we losers complaining and complaining instead of enjoying , we losers shamelessly leaving the ground while the show was still in progress)Hypnos, getting drunk},Teen patti in the train , Goa ( Beer ,south goa,Palolem,sea, beach,huts, beer,babes, bikini babes, "non-bikini" babes , beer, fishes,prawns,lobsters,lying down on the beach,beer ,sunset,kicking someone's ass at pool,tattoo,fox teeth necklace, north goa ,Honda activa, getting lost at 2 A.M., beach , beer ), Zillion photos]

PS : GOA is Awesome!
PPS: Bands from Assam, Sikkim and Calcutta doing Iron Maiden covers at IIT Kgp OAT was a much better experience than the real deal.
PPPS : Download Pentagram's new song Voice from here: Voice.One of the best songs I have heard from an Indian band

Mar 7, 2007

(Haphazardly )^ 3 : Just to keep the blog running

I have completed yet another stint of my educational life and yes it had all the excitement that a college life could provide.Although for once I wanted to get out, I know it won't be long before I start longing for college life. I don't know what it is - My unbelievable thirst for education ( !!! ) or my ultimate passion of getting bored of almost anything in an unbelievably short span of time but I guess no one( obviously not me) will be surprised if they find me doing some PhD or something 2-3 years later.And obviously college has its own perks : you live in a hostel with your friends, you dont have to worry about your daily requirements( that includes food) , you wouldn't have to think how will you reach office if you miss the morning bus coz u overslept , you don't have to be answerable to anyone , you don't have to look forward to the weekend to watch movies ,your neighbours don't complain if you listen to the music at loud volume ( even if they do you don't care), you can have rave parties all night long without worrying about the police ( i can't help it , these news channels continue to brainwash me.. now i don't want to start .. i am already sick of all the coverage on Umaid Bhavan Palace and Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar .. who the fuck gives a fuck if some random actress is marrying in India), you have complete freedom to do whatever you want and you don't have to WORK.

And sitting at home , the biggest bad news for me is that I am already bored of TV ( its been barely 3 days!) and i have ended up watching disproportionate amounts of football and basketball and utterly useless shows on VH1 ( which I thought only losers watch) where they show huge bungalows of ultra rich basketball players or singers.Coming back to football, Barcelona was knocked out of Champions league yesterday (although they won yesterday 1-0 and were 2-2 aggregate but Liverpool went through on more away goals).But Barcelona didn't exactly disappoint yesterday , they tried hard and showed that they still are too classy for liverpool or any other team in Europe in whatever few chances they created ..if only Eto'o was in his best form they wouldn't have had so much of problem penetrating the defense. Anyway its not easy to win 2-0 at Anfield and full marks to Liverpool too. In fact Barca were knocked out in the first leg itself where they lacked any commitment whatsoever and gave away the match by making stupid mistakes.Now I hope Valencia or Roma wins the Champions League ( not because they are underdogs..but Valencia because it is playng amazing football and Roma because Totti ( I mean " THE Totti ") is back!But match of the season was surely Spurs vs West Ham ( 4-3).. what a pulsating game ! and i havent felt so bad for any losing team for a long time as I felt for West Ham.When Tevez scored the 2nd goal making it 2-0 in the first half ( the best first half scoreline West Ham has seen this season) and he took off his T-shirt(not caring for yellow card) and jumped into the crowd you could feel the excitement ,the desperation. I have never seen such spectator frenzy the whole year. But what happened in the 2nd half ( Spurs scored two in last 4 mins) was nothing short of a tragedy.

We have planned a Bangalore- Goa trip after some days.Now that I am placed in Bangalore, the charm of going for a Bangalore trip has reduced a bit but still I am pretty much excited. We have the Iron Maiden show ( yeah yeah i know they are old and they are no Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin ) but they still kick ass. And whenever i see the crowd humming the "Fear of the Dark" tune in Rock in Rio live set I get all pumped up.And obviously there is this much awaited visit to Purple Haze with friends who'll be going to Bombay or Gurgaon for their jobs.We didn't want to ,but we Bangaloreans or Hazians have implicitly created so much hype about Purple Haze that I am afraid that to other ppl it might not look like a paradise which they were expecting it to be.After all whats the big deal ,just some above average ambience... and music..even after 2 years I can still tell the exact list of songs and the order in which our beloved DJ will play them( because he doesnt believe in experimenting).But its still the best pub in the country even if thats not saying too much! And when one pitcher goes in ppl will believe whatever you want them to believe in :)

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