Feb 1, 2007

Music = Bliss

When I get bored I write arbit stuff about music.

Foo Fighters' song Come Back ( Last track on the album One by One) is a good song. Nothing great...well almost. Its a long 8 minute song and it starts off with some heavy guitaring ... but in the middle it slows down and at around 3 minute 35 second mark you are greeted with a soothing acoustic guitar sound which gradually blows your mind away.You have to listen to it to believe how awesome it is! In a way Come Back has an uncanny resemblance to Baba O' Riley. Remove the end violin/Harmonica solo and the classic Who song reduces to an average one time listen forme.

Metallica's Battery never ceases to surprise me! It begins with a soft likeable guitar riff..pretty amazing and you expect a little romantic song ..but then suddenly the guitar roughens up, pace changes and when you were expecting something like " Oh baby..... " you hear " Lashing out the action, returning the reaction Weak are ripped and torn away Hypnotizing power, crushing all that cower Battery is here to stay ". I don't know why but it always cracks me up. No that I am complaining, I love the raw power and speed of the song just like all others in Master of Puppets Only complaint is that throughout the song they never return back to the awesome riff with which they started it.

Nine Inch Nails Hurt is one of my favourite sad songs. Perfect lyrics,perfect vocals , perfect bass and drums but the point is not that.Hurt ends abruptly with a loud unpleasant noise ( its especially unpleasant 'coz I generally listen to the song at very high volume ). And everytime I know its about to come and I won't like it still for some weird reasons I don't stop the song. Its like some masochistic tendencies or as they say pain for pleasure.

Territorial Pissings is an amazing song just like any other song on Nevermind. And its difficult for me to accept that the best part I like is towards the end when Kurt Cobain is screaming his lungs out. He just keeps on repeating the line "Gotta find a way to find a way when I'm there" , just as his intensity keeps on increasing , the comprehensibility of words keeps on decreasing. Actually the last 2-3 times he doesn't even try to articulate anything... he just screams something like what a mental retard/or a 1 year old infant would do.But I really admire him, that kind of rhythmic screaming needs some skills.. if you don't believe me try doing it yourself.

How can anybody sing a complete 6 minute song in a high pitch! And it doesn't irritate you , it gets you high. I am talking about Soundgarden - Hands All Over . Chris Cornell is a God.

Pull Me Under ( Dream Theater) and Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) have the best intros/build ups ever.

If I have to live with just one CD (10 songs ) on a remote island for the rest of my life ( what a cliche!) Fake Plastic Trees and Street Spirit( Fade out) will be the first two songs I'll put on that CD. If you are wondering both are Radiohead songs from the same album.

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angie said...

i never could decide between nirvana, aic and pearl jam....nirvana was my first love,pearl jam my second love, but layne and his nutshell are just uncomparable with everything i've heard before.....

i could only wish that layne and kurt are still alive so i could hear them in the same way i heard eddie:) but, they're not....words can't bring them back.....at least i have nutshell and the man who sold the world....

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