Nov 13, 2006

Obligatory movie post

Casino Royale is releasing in some days and I have to admit that I am really excited. This excitement amazes me too coz i am not even a big Bond fan! What more, I have only seen 11-12 bond movies till date.I find old Bond movies funny and forgettable( which probably was the purpose) . New ones are not funny but they are forgettable indeed .They lack the basic smartness in the script and the expected breathtaking stunts ( which you might find in an Arnie movie like True Lies).I didn't like Brosnan much either, ok he was suave but thats about it... he lacked the attitude which a person who has got the licence to kill, paranormal gadgets and supermanly powers should possess.Bond is not supposed to be human , isn't that the whole point?I say Batman is much more human than James Bond.
So why am I excited? There are several reasons :

1)Daniel Craig : Whatever people say I think he is very well suited for the role.And those of you who have seen Layer Cake can't deny the fact that he'll bring the attitude, that menacing charm to Bond which was severely lacking all these years.He can act brilliantly in a dark , edgier Bond film. He can be mean and merciless and when he kills someone without blinking an eye you won't gasp with disbelief (which was the case with Pierce Brosnan). Ok Craig doesn't exactly have the most photogenic face, but he can be very stylish and his heavy voice and british accent just adds to the charm.
And if not Craig who could it have been? First name that comes to my mind is Clive Owen! Maybe he would have been a better choice but I would like him to act in more Sin Citys and Closers and Gosford Parks than Bond movies.Ewan Mcgregor... ok at the first instance his name sounds to be too frivolous and too boyish for the role , but the kind of actor he is he can send chills up your spine whenever he wants.But again I didn't want him to waste away his talent in Bond movies.Jude Law.. he would have handled ladies department perfectly but i am not sure about the action sequences.Personally I don't give much of shit about Hugh Jackman.

2) Eva Green : Go watch The Dreamers and then you'll also say Who the fuck is Halle Berry.. who the fuck is Denise Richards..who the fuck is Izabella Scorupco ( ok I love her too..)

3)Martin Campbell- He also directed Golden Eye which will definitely be among top 3 Bond movies for me.

4) Movie trailers look very good!

I hope Casino Royale is not a let down.

After so many years I watched Airplane again yesterday and I still can't stop myself from smiling when I just think of those scenes. Ok some jokes might seem dated and cliched but this movie started it all in 1980 and believe me all hot shots and naked guns easily pale in comparison.And there are innumerable legendary one liners and dialogues!

Elaine Dickinson: There's no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you'll enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?

Ted Striker: Surely you can't be serious.
Rumack: I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

Elaine Dickinson: You got a letter from headquarters this morning.
Ted Striker: What is it?
Elaine Dickinson: It's a big building where generals meet, but that's not important.

Rumack: Captain, how soon can you land?
Captain Oveur: I can't tell.
Rumack: You can tell me. I'm a doctor.
Captain Oveur: No. I mean I'm just not sure.
Rumack: Well, can't you take a guess?
Captain Oveur: Well, not for another two hours.
Rumack: You can't take a guess for another two hours?

Hanging Lady: Nervous?
Ted Striker: Yes.
Hanging Lady: First time?
Ted Striker: No, I've been nervous lots of times.

There are many others but they sound much better in the movie!

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