Dec 1, 2006

The Adventure theory of Human Actions : A case for Antisocial behaviour

Well if you think carefully almost all the things that people do is governed by the want of some sort of adventure.The things that vary are the definition of adventure, risk taking abilities and extent of moral binding. People who earn money,people who beg,people who work hard,people who don't work hard, people who want to be famous,people who want to be oblivious,people who want to live long,people who want to die soon are all seeking some kind of adventure.The sole reason even for serial killers to commit those heinous crimes is that they want some adventure in life.We loathe them because their adventure curves and their victims' adventure curves don't intersect. Also our extent of moral binding is somewhat more than those of serial killers.Even the people( earliest homo sapiens or some paranormal power) who propagated these morals were seeking some adventure.
I seriously get worked up by the thought of waking up one day in a different country or even a different planet and starting my life from scratch there. Or abruptly disappearing from the job ( after I get one) , wandering around the world for 3-4 months and then returning back and claiming that I was kidnapped by terrorists.Ok these look far fetched but there are several adventures you can look forward to in your day to day life : shoplifting, dine and dash , ticketless train travel ,ticketless movie watching,trespassing, unnecessary badmouthing,eating at some stranger's marriage party etc etc ! Ok all these are illegal but thats not a necessary condition but in most of the cases thats a sufficient condition indeed :) . Also monetary gain is never the motive of these adventures, its just a collateral.I have indulged in some advetures myself , been successful sometimes and chickened out at other instances.
My life hasn't performed badly on the adventure quotient.Some of the adventures were not my willing like breaking a leg after falling down from a cycle! ( that too pretty recently) or almost getting run over by a train while trying to act cool by pissing in the middle of the tunnel . There are others when I inflicted adventure upon myself like suddenly deciding to leave a job ( not due to any major happening but just because I got bored) and that too when I didn't have any other job offer or MBA call with me ; and then enjoying some days of freedom by watching lots of movies before applying to other companies.
I watched The Big Lebowski yesterday. It was my 2nd time. I remember liking it as an entertaining timepass when I watched it for the first time. But yesterday it was nothing short of classic for me. Definitely the best from Coen brothers.And the movie goes well with the adventure theme of the post , quite an adventure for Lebowski that started as a consequence of not that much of an ugly act : (somebody peed on his rug ).Watch it for the acting of John Goodman , watch it for awesome one liners , watch it for mesmerizing visuals or watch it for the DUDE , dude.


Ashutosh said...

ur skewed sense of appreciation towards wordly happenings have gotten better with time..guess the hallmark of your writing happens to b ur ability to look things from angles that dont exist.not bad, dude!! :)

Jacob said...

OK Cantrell is great but he's certainly not the greatest. He's not even in the top 3 on

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