Oct 20, 2006

Glory Days

Some days I'll never forget :)

1) The day when I saw ET and T-2 on VCR back to back.Both the movies were highly recommended by my friends.We decided to watch ET first. I slept in the middle of ET( which I did during most of the movies).After the movie my friends woke me up and I wondered what the hell was that..i mean whats the big deal..this supposedly cute dude drops from outer space and then they keep talking some boring crap throughout the movie .
AND then we watched T2. That movie changed my life. Arnold became my God( as he was for atleast 90% of other kids then).I was awestruck by the action sequences and special effects( I still am!)

2)When I played Scotland Yard for the first time.And that superiority complex we had over other kids who hadn't played/or didnt like it! They must have low IQs we would think and glow with contemptuous pride.

3)When I discovered the The 30 Chances Funda in Contra. 'Discovered' is a wrong word to use actually. I had known "the funda" for some days.. you had to press some weird combination of keys on the remote to get it , and you had to be quick and flawless.We spent hours waiting to watch the screen where it will show 30 instead of the measley "3". Finally there it was shining like a halo .What an unbelievable orgasmic feeling it was!!!

4)When I read the first "play" of my life in the English class.I don't remember the name of the play or the author but what I do remember is that it was a romantic comedy with a little twist in the end.And what racket we created in the class because the heroine turned out to be the stepsister of the hero.We converted the cute little play into one monster of a literature piece infusing wicked thoughts in the minds of young innocent minds. The teacher(lady) was embarrassed to the core!

5)When I lit the "atom bomb" without a timer for the first time. If you are wondering whats the timer it was just a mechanism whereby you would peel off little flash powder(or whatever) from the string (or whatever) so that it burnt slowly and you had enough time to run far beyond the unsafe limit. After incessant bantering from my cousins I decided it was TIME .Although the bloody bomb exploded even faster than the usual time and I had the bloody shriek in my ears for 2 hours I still was king of the world.

6) My first taste of a mass bunk : Sankranti was( atleast till 12th standard) the biggest day of the year for me. Diwali was big , but Sankranti was bigger.And then imagine after waiting for the whole year , when the D-Day finally arrived there was absolutely no wind( No don't give me that "you don't know how to fly kites" crap. I can do it better than you can wash your you know what )throughout the day.The wave of disappointment and shock that swept the city was comparable to what happenend when Rajkumar died in Bangalore.But we had a better, more constructive solution than burning buses and creating traffic jams.Our whole class decided to bunk the school next day and celebrate Sankranti on 15th! And not a single soul from our class went to school next morning.

7) When we saw the last episode of "Kile Ka Rahasya". I have rarely felt that excitement and anticipation.

8)How can I leave music? This was the day when I first heard Smells Like Teen Spirit. That was the time when Bryan Adams was the best singer in the world and Another Day in Paradise was the best song ever.Oh yes there was some vague band called Pink Floyd(???) who had only one good song called Another Brick in the Wall which had some catchy lyrics.. We don't need any education( it sounded like we don't need No education...buggers didn't even know how to sing)
Smells like was the first song I had heard where a person was screaming as if he was having labour pains and to my own surprise I liked it!

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