Jul 22, 2006

Bring it on!!

If anybody's seen Full Metal Jacket they'll understand what getting hardened is..only difference is that they got devoid of all the compassion and pity and we(student of iit kharagpur electrical department) got devoid of all the fear and shame.

At the risk of being stripped of my BTech Degree (yes they can actually do that till 5 years of my passing!!!!) here I present the tales from the most horrifying department of kgp.

These are actual conversations that took place( some of them with me also):
But I am writing all in first person because its easier to do so.

Just the 2nd day after my joining (I am a cute ,innocent guy who is very excited at being in a good engineering college).Gone are those kiddish school days when you had to think a lot about the aesthetics of your lab files...The intelligent Prof. here must be paying attention on the funda and not all the embellishments. So I draw the first circuit diagram without a scale and with a pen..but it looked pretty neat.Yup it did.

Me(brimming with confidence): Sir, here is my circuit diagram
Prof: What were you thinking when you drew this thing. You are no more in a school where you could get away with whatever you wanted.I won't read this nonsense.
.....He throws my report as far as he can and says " follow the trajectory."

Just the 4th day after my joining. I am still a cute and innocent guy.There is a routine viva after the experiment.

Prof: some question
Me: Wrong answer
Prof:Tell me one thing. Do you own any farm in your village?
Me: No sir.
Prof: Oh no, then what will you do when we throw you out of this institute!!

Still a cute and innocent guy.

Prof: Who was sitting infront of you in JEE( joint entrance examination).You are such an idiot.There is no way you could get here without cheating. Even a 9th class student would have a better IQ than yours.

Now this one is a classic. And mind you I am NOT making anything up.
A group( 5 guys and a girl) couldn't complete their experiment in the stipulated time.

Prof.: What were you doing for the last 3 hours??? Scratching your balls?..( after a brief pause)..or whatever the case maybe!!!!!

Prof.: I see a very bleak future for you. Lets suppose that you do complete your degree in 4 years. With your kind of CGPA you wont get any job, ditto for schols in any US univ. On the basis of my experience with you i can surely say that you won't be able to clear CAT or UPSC or any other exam.So what will you do??

There are innumerable other incidents...there have been cases when my viva-partner has chewed the pen in nervousness( which he borrowed from the prof. taking our viva)...or even reached the threshold of tears ( in case of girls threshold was quite often crossed)..

But all this was in 1st year and probably 2nd year. After that we were a complete new breed of "hardened" men.

So, bring it on!


Anonymous said...

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Vimal said...

dude and what happened in the third and fourth years that transferred from a cute,innocent boy to the guy he is?

Anonymous said...

Here are some links that I believe will be interested

athena at work said...

We had such profs in the IIT coaching centre where discipline and punctuality were considered sacrosanct .. and the students were sometimes referred to as donkeys ( we all took itin good jest though )

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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