Jun 20, 2006

Depression Rocks and other stories ...................with beautiful illustrations

1)Depression Rocks:
well there is no reason to like depressing music and movies but i like them..guess it feels nice to know that there are people unhappier than you.thinking of other reasons depressing sad songs can be made more melodious because they can be slow...nobody would like a cheerful person singing slow songs! I adore Radiohead and they are depressing. I love Travis too and they are depressing( they might have some cheerful songs but i don't like them)...
After a gap of probably 2 years I am listening to Bec
k's Sea Change - highly popular and acclaimed theme album. I call it a theme album because it has only one theme running behind all songs- depression.It is a nice album with some brilliant songs like The Golden Age, Paper Tiger,Lost Cause and Sunday Sun

Theres one ro
ad to tomorrow
Theres one road to the
Theres one road back to civilization

But theres no road back to you.

.....last lines from paper tiger...just why would anyone listen to this???

I saw "Lonesome Jim" yesterday. Casey Affleck( brother of Ben Affleck and very less i
rritating than him) plays a depressed loser,but you don't actually sympathize with him. His character is far from likeable especially when he says something like this to his brother :
" I don't understand how can you go on...you have a shit job on minimum wages..living wit
h mom and dad for child support..blahblah........I mean, I'm a fuck-up, but you're a goddam tragedy."
and his brother actually went on to bang his car to a tree.
I liked Liv Tyler in the movie.She was hot.

I loved the movie but again if somebody asks me what did you gain by watching this kind of depressing shit about a bunch of losers....i have no answer except for the fact there was some dark humour in the movie .

PS:I think the frequency of the word depression in the above story is more than that of fuck in the script of south park:bigger,longer and uncut.

2)World cup Rocks:

Atleast I won't complain when both Spain and Argentina are playing brilliant football. Spain won 3-1 today against Tunisia.Who would have th
ought of that scoreline when it was Tunisia was 1 up till 71st minute!!Fabregas was excellent, Torres was amazing and I felt really really happy for Raul.
Argentina seems to be unstoppable. Even Messi has started playing and he lived up to his hype in the 6-0 slaughter of Serbia.
Both Spain and Argentina are amazing technical sides with players gifted with exceptional skills.They make fast moves with short accurate
passes and thats why they are so thrilling to watch( I am not a big fan of long-ball football)

3)Insomnia :

Its almost 5 A.M. I want to sleep but with something stuck in my teeth it won't be possible for me to sleep.I am too lazy to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth ...what should I do?


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