May 21, 2006

Viva Barcelona or: How I learnt to hate England and love Spain

This year's Champions League concluded on thursday and yes BARCELONA won!Well after all I am not that bad at predictions( my post earlier) and its not only about predicting the winners;who would have thought that Villareal would defeat Inter..and even AC Milan scored two goals at the stroke of 90 minutes to defeat Lyon and prove me right.If only Juventus wouldn't have played like sissies people would have called me Nostradamus reincarnation.

Talking about the title of my post. Arsenal players, coach and most of the fans are whining about their defeat.Henry even said that refree should have worn the Barca T-shirt.Well first let me clear one thing : Refree indeed was pathetic ,but its not Arsenal who suffered more due to that( as all Arsenal supporters are claiming).

Arsenal fans are furious about Henry's yellow card when it was Bommel who was supposed to get it. They are saying that Puyol and Marquez got away with their harsh tackles.Also they claim that Eto's goal was an offside.

Now consider this.What happened to Henry happened to Ronaldinho and just outside the penalty area. He was fouled and free kick was given against him.Otherwise Barca would have got a free kick from a brilliant spot.Just like Puyol even Toures got away with fouls.And these were only starters.Now i'll talk about the main course.Henry talks about diving Barca players..I don't know if he suffers from selective blindness but did he not see a diving Arsenal player which gifted them a GOAL which instead should have fetched him a RED card.Imagine a 9 men Arsenal against Barcelona!
And coming to the RED Card itself..ideally refree should have given Lehmann a red card and ALSO Barca the goal.If thats very harsh even a yellow card and a goal up would have been a much more advantageous to Barca.
Although Eto's goal is debatable but its not clear offside.
Henry is blaming the refree for Arsenal's defeat.If you are hell bent to blame somebody blame yourself dude for missing two sitters!And probably he is continuing with Arsenal because he is upset with diving Barca players.Thank God, Barca doesn't want a grumbler in its team.And anyway Barca can't achieve anything else with Henry which it hasn't achieved this year without him .
Wenger says the best team didn't win , well what can i say wenger open your eyes I think the best team didn't even reach the final( Villareal was more deserving)
Anyway Wenger can't help it, he is a part of The Cry Babies club- the EPL coaches.And when Arsenal fans are running out of steam they bring back the Chelsea- Barca issue;saying that how the hell UEFA selected the same pro-Barca refree who gave a WRONG red card to Del-Horno. First of all Red card was not all wrong and secondly the same bloody refree didn't award TWO clear PENALTIES to Barca in the same game!
Last Week Sevilla defeated Middlesbrough in UEFA cup final and I am dead sure they would have cried foul then also if only scoreline was not too comprehensive(4-0).
Its not that I have personal grudges against England (nothing to do with pre-1947 era) but I hate their attitude and I hate the hype surrounding English clubs and England team in INDIA.Now they are saying if only Rooney was not injured....WOW....can somebody tell me what on earth has English team achieved till date except winning the BEST SQUAWKER IN THE WORLD Trophy.
Again I have no personal reasons to love spain but I love them.My predictions for the world cup are not guided by historical facts or present form but you never know!!!!
I seriously hope that Paraguay and Sweden get past England( which they can pretty easily) in the group stages and give England yet another opportunity to whine.

PS: A beer from me to the first person who writes a comment here congratulating Barca!!


Me said...

What nonsense.

Technically, Lehmann should have got a red card, and I didn't hear either Henry or Wenger deny that. It's just that if the ref had shown good judgement, he would have given the goal to Barca and let Arsenal play with 11 men and a goal down. This is the 2nd biggest final in the world, why wouldn't you want a fair game?

Eto looked offside to me. I think our TV angles were restrictive. It would be interesting to watch the goal at some other angle. But still I think he was running in not from behind Larsson, but from the side. There were no defenders there.

Wtf about Toure. He went down, but Barca conceded that goal. They still had a chance to not let Arsenal get a goal. They let Campbell (!?!) score. Hell. By the way, remember Shevchenko scoring against Barca and Puyol going down and claiming a foul! Go die.

Arsenal were in the finals becuase they scored a goal more than Villareal. Period. Sorry, no period. Arsenal were in the finals because Villareal's best player missed a penalty. Period. Sorry, no period. Arsenal were in the finals because their goalie saved a penalty from villareal's best player. Period.

Henry missed two chances because more often than not he was running in for the ball from his own half. Barca's defence was hilarious. If not for Valdes, hell would have frozen over.

Arsenal did get more than their fair share of bad decisions. It's part of the game, but when you get a free goal against you, it sucks.

Er, Barca were screwed for 75 mins by a 10 man team. The first 20 mins of the game looked all Arsenal to me.

Congrats, Barca! Loved the game. I would like the beer chilled.


manan said...

exactly my point..11 men but a Goal down thats clearly better for Barca..but no now ur Arsenal blinded mind wud say..come on Arsenal missed their best goalkeeper( and u'll forget what wonderful saves his substitute made)
And if camera angle was not good on earth was it a clear offside..and well even Shevshenko's camera was not good..u never got to see whether it was foul or not..
AND WHEN did i say that Barca is the CLEANEST team of all..yes puyol also acts..but the point is that Arsenal acted and got a goal for that!!!!! who lost out more due to refree -> Barca ...who deserved to win -> barca..who won ->barca whats arsenal's problem after all??
..and yes Barca defence was so bad that they let SOl campbell score..barca's defence was never world class..but they make up for it by the goals they score and they did that in the finals too!
It was Riquelme's fault(definitely among the top 3 mid fielders in the world)to miss the penalty..and it was fault of 5 more other Villareal players who missed atleast 10 chances....and at the end Arsenal did win ..but Villareal NEVER COMPLAINED.
..SO why can't Arsenal accept their defeat gracefully.

PS: Beer was meant for a Barca fan ..anyway I'll keep my word.

Me said...

Dude, you get it all wrong. 11 on each side, irrespective of the goals is the best for football. I distinctly remember Henry consoling Lehmann while he was leaving the field. No one was complaining about that including, surprisingly, Lehmann. I guess everyone thinks it's fair, even if a bit over the tragic edge.

I don't say it was a clear offside (though it looks like Eto comes out of nowhere on the left flank to me), as our TVs don't show it. But the European press does. Ok, I admit it, the British press does.

Man, Arsenal acted and they got a free kick, not a goal. They got a goal when Marquez was busy looking at the chicks in the stand and not at Mr. Campbell in a yellow jersey. Comprende la differentio? Personally, I think Arsenal were foolish to imagine they could have stopped Barca from scoring. They should have kept pressing for more goals, instead of playing so deep.

Riquelme is sublime. I think he is easily the best right now, in holding and passing and dribbling and organising the team and whatever else a midfielder is supposed to do. Nice guy too, he takes the other team's defense apart but they don't know about it till the ball is in the goal. Spares them a lot of embarassment. A bit slow maybe, but he gets so much time on the ball that you get the feeling the other team has given up on him. Anyway, Villa have nothing to complain about, except perhaps the fact that life is cruel. Oh, by the way, Riquelme was driven out of Barca and now Forlan is going to Barca. Strange strange strange.

Ah, jerk, (pardon the language - it is your blog after all) I am a Barca fan + Henry fan + Arsenal fan. I was hoping this match would go right down to the end and if Arsenal win it, it will be because of some flair and not just good defense. I didn't think Arsenal could win it, unless they (read Henry) came up with something extraordinary, but they gave Barca a real big scare and that is worth the beer I get for free. I hope.


Anonymous said...

someone pass the popcorn!


Sanket Borad said...

Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !! Congrats to barca !!

The Catalunyans are the best!!!


Vimal said...

wow! that was one expert conversation going on there! Wonder what Wayne has got to say for this?
BTW, shashi's arguments were really good!
For the record, Iam very new to the world of football and also a chelsea fan.

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