Mar 16, 2006

Me - The Soothsayer

World Cup 2006

Group Stage( two teams to qualify from each group):

Group A: Germany Costa Rica
Group B: England Sweden
Group C: Argentina Netherlands
Group D: Mexico Portugal
Group E: Czech Rep Italy ( No USA.....hopefully italy will use its experience well)
Group F: Brazil Japan
Group G: France South Korea
Group H: Spain Tunisia

2nd Round : ( The team that is highlighted will win)

Germany vs Sweden
Argentina vs Portugal
England vs Costa Rica
Mexico Vs Netherlands
Czech Vs Japan
France vs Tunisia
Brazil vs Italy
Spain vs South Korea ( Revenge time baby!!)

Quarter Final:

Germany vs Argentina ( Any day Argentina's B- team can defeat Germany but here I'll give then home advantage)
Czech vs France
England vs Netherlands( just an intuition)
Brazil vs Spain ( why should it happen to spain!!!!!!!!!????)

Semi Final:

Germany vs Czech
England vs Spain ( Nothing new for spain)

Final :

Germany vs Spain ( OH YES!!)

Champions league :

Quarters :

Benfica Vs Barcelona
Arsenal Vs Juventus ( Sorry Arsenal)
Inter Vs Villareal ( Spaniards will keep their momentum high)
Lyon Vs Milan ( Toughest call..but I'll go with the old lady)


Barcelona Vs Milan ( Classic!!!!!!!!!!)
Juventus Vs Villareal


Barcelona Vs Juventus ( Dream Final!!! but this time nobody can stop Barca)


M B Mahesh said...

keeping your blog activ nowadays :P

Tanvi said...

King of wishful thinking...i did my research :P

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just want to say what a nice site. Bye, see you soon.

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