Mar 11, 2006

KC KC Bang Bang

I was talking to a friend of mine in IIMA who got a cool job today. We call him KC. Well he is a gult and KC stands for Krishna Chaitanya but we had are own full form which is rather coarse to write here( if u can strain ur mind a little bit and ur Hindi vocab is sound enough u can get it).For that matter we had a full form for "gult" also.Anyway I am deviating from the topic.

Well this incident involves KC. First of all a little background.One of the major difference between the profs. at IIM Indore and profs. at IIT Kharagpur is that here profs. come for the classes in cars or atleast on motorcycles and are decently dressed up. There most of the profs. came on bicycles( !!!i am not exaggerating) and about the dressing sense the less said the better.
So during the Spring Fest 2003 our hero(KC) decided that he'll propose to some Bong Bombshell from Calcutta( SF was the only time when we got to see some civilized population..that is if u consider bongs civilized).....
And there he spotted his dream girl, dressed in white looking like an angel.KC's heart stopped beating. He decided that no matter how many boyfriends or husbands she had,no matter if she hated gults or men in general he would go and tear open his heart infront of her.
And he got a brilliant opportunity too ! His heroine was being irritated by some beggar.....
So we gave our best wishes to KC , and there he went to conquer his woman.
By the time KC reached there, the beggar had left the girl...

KC :" Was that guy disturbing you?? I saw him yesterday also , he was there in the Tech market...he keeps on bugging people. You shouldn't talk to him."

Girl:" He is my father."

KC was fucked...He came back as swiftly as possible hiding his face.But it was not over yet ;he hadn't received THE BAD news.
While KC was talking to the girl , a wingie of mine who had just arrived said (to our shock) that the guy the girl was talking to was a Prof. in Physics department.

OH MY GOD!!!!!

We desperately signalled KC to come back ...and all this while he thought that we were pulling his leg or still worse showing him two thumbs up!!!
When we broke the news to KC sky fell down upon was no longer a question of embarassment ,his future was at stake!
Anyway nothing happened....only KC was never seen near the Physics department.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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naina said...

gr888 work!!!! u've got gud sense of humor dear.
bt all dis is true or its a work of ur own ??

why dont u write a novel or sumthing..ppl lyk me who hav nothing to do wud read it 4 sure.I can bet u dat!!!1

n may b u can afford a cycle or sumthing 4 urself so dat u need nt run 1.5 km to watch a glimpse of ur fav. match... :P

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