Feb 26, 2006

Where is my mind?

Somethings unusual have been happening to me lately and I have no explanation.

The last few movies that I have seen would definitely come under "Romance" category...and I enjoyed them thoroughly !!!!!!!!!!!

The movie I watched today was Wimbledon and I totally recommend it. On any other day when I am my normal self I would have rubbished it as one of the most predictable movies I have seen in years .There was absolutely nothing new in it. But I loved it, mainly because it used Tennis as the backdrop. I loved the acting of the male lead Paul Bettany and obviously the intoxicating brit accent. And I actually liked Kirsten Dunst in this movie !!( I used to hate her before this movie...maybe I still hate her).

Another movie I watched was an animation Corpse Bride . Well the name might suggest something else but it was a romantic movie indeed. And I loved that too. It was a Tim Burton movie - do I need to say anything else?

Its not the movies only where I am witnessing the change in my taste but music too! Now don't get the wrong ideas - I haven't started listening to britney and kylie ( that won't happen in my lifetime) but this time the shift is towards the "other" side. Last 7 days I have been listening only to Megadeth hours after hours. I used to like Megadeth type thrash metal earlier also but now I absolutely adore them. I have found a new GOD in Dave Mustaine - he simply just can't be a human being.If only Metallica wouldn't have lost Burton and Mustaine(although for different reasons) they wouldn't have been the pop band which they are now.Nowdays whenever I start listening to something else EVEN Pink Floyd I feel restless or irritated ( this surely is blasphemy!).

And as you can see my obsession with the pictures continues( I used to get turned off by the blogs that had lots of pics and took more time to load.....now mine is one of them!)

I hope this phase will pass. Soon.

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