Jan 25, 2006

Wake Up!

All those who missed the pearls of wisdom which your mommy gave you in the breakfast along with bread,butter and jam there is still time to wake up. Alice needs to work very hard to break the chains,she is not just another babe in toyland. Right now you are down in a hole but it won't be long before you attain Nirvana.Just clean the rust from your ears and listen to the divine sound coming from the eden-garden. Those days are long gone when you played in mud,honey but hey don't lose heart ,smell carefully it still smells like teen spirit. Just because its all black when you close your eyes does not mean that you have blown up the outside world . Worshipping the stone in the temple won't help your cause;when you are the pilot you HAVE to fly.Life is not all plush as you imagined it to be , all the four directions are in the collective effort to crush your soul.You were born with silver spoon in your mouth always sat on a comfortable chair and thats why you are overblown but soon the screaming sky and the screaming trees will make your brains burst out.Bullet won't look dangerous when it comes with the butterfly wings but its coming straight for you .Stop beating around the bush and rise ,only then heaven will let its light shine down upon you.

WAKE UP,its time to get high ,its time to listen to some MUSIC
.....because GRUNGE is not dead, IT CAN'T BE.

1 comment:

M B Mahesh said...

it is time to move on..

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