Dec 29, 2005

Nostalgia: dogs and booze

Its 2:30 A.M. It had just rained cats and dogs.Obviously all bars and all shops are closed. Due to the amazing weather and probably some other reasons we develop an uncontrollable craving for beer. And hence we embark upon the adventurous journey to Venky's. Well this is no Lord of the Rings ;I am talking about one of the several trips to VenkysI made during my stay at KGP.Venky's was the lifeline of 95% of the students there( Obviously rest 5% ppl also drank...its just that they didn't like adventures). Venky was a nice god fearing chap who believed in serving humanity ; so he kept an unlimited stock of Daaru at his home and you can go anytime of the day to get some.

Continuing with the trip.......well the way to reach Venky's was a typical Kaccha rasta with more than usual amount of ditches and pits and at night it became so dark that you had to rely on your fate to avoid crashing in one of those.And when it had rained so heavily it was not particularly advisable to go that way.But when you gotta drink you gotta drink. So me and 3 of my wingies started on our bikes ( ok ok i mean bicycles). I don't know if you know this fact: After suffering repression and subjugation at the hands of human beings during the daytime THE DOGS are too eager to take revenge during the nighttime. And that fateful night it was 4 poor souls who had to face the wrath of the dogs. To avoid the chasing dogs we had to cycle fast and then the inevitable happened. Mr. Praneeth Meka ( name has not been changed to maintain the authenticity)fell down in a ditch. And boy it was too much of a physical labour to get his bike and him out of the shit. The dogs left peacefully without doing anything , because their sadistic urge had been satisfied. Finally, we reached Venky's place.Even after shouting his name several times , our man didn't wake up. So only option was to climb the main gate and knock the door inside. Brave Mr. Vivek Misra climbed the wall and entered the house. Poor him , he didn't know that rich Venky was aproud owner of a rarest breed of dog (resembling a German Shepherd) which he kept loose in the nights.Somehow he was faster than the dog and managed to save his ass( It was a revelation:before this incident Misra was not aware of his athletic abilities). But the synergy of barking dog and yelling Misra was enough to wake Venky up.
We got our Haywards and returned safely to the hall.Believe me Beer never tasted so good!

PS: Venky actually has a fan following in KGP. There is a whole orkut community dedicated to him.


Vivek Misra said...

hehe !!! ..good old days in venky !!! ...But ..i swear ...when u talk of "craving for beer" that we used to have can never ever realize what happens when u live in Ahmedabad for 2 years !!!

Praneeth Meka said...

Dude I remember a ditch but def. dont remember down in it....u defaming SOB..well i think the cool booze made me forget all that...neday(sorry nite) for a trip bak to Venkys...."Bhenky Da...teen tho Kingfisher ekdum thanda!"

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